Cave King – 104

Chapter 104 – We sent an envoy!


“I’m not sure if anyone will want to move here…”

Kamyu said in front of the ship that was docked near the wharf.

As part of the plan to increase the number of ‘humans,’ I was sending Kamyu out to the Amolis republic.

The plan was to invite emigrants from other lands.

However, Sheorl was known for being in the middle of nowhere, while Amolis was a rich country.

Even if Berfalt had spread stories about this island, it was unlikely that there would be many who wanted to move here immediately.

Still, there was another reason that we were sending out this ship regardless of that.

We wanted to attract the Duke’s people who were against Sanfaris, and were defecting to countries all over the world.

Leila had written a letter, and it would be sent to all of them through Amolis, inviting them to come to Sheorl.

And there was one other thing that was important.

As a diplomat, Leila wanted to bring Amolis into the fold as soon as possible.

Aside from a letter to the Governor General, she would also send some money to all the powerful nobles.

According to Leila, this country was filled with merchants, and sending gifts was a good way to become influential.

Well, it seemed like a nice way of saying bribery…

That being said, creating allies for Sheorl was a very important matter.

Even if Amolis didn’t become an ally, they may still act as a mediator.

While Amolis had a very weak army, their navy was almost as strong as Sanfaris’s.

And since they were separated from Sanfaris by a sea, they were slightly more likely to side with Sheorl, compared to other countries of the Barleon Continent, who constantly cared about Sanfaris’s mood.

As for the person who was going to be doing all of this diplomatic work in Amolis…

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

A well-dressed Leila appeared next to Kamyu.

Leila was to go to Amolis directly, and act there.

Aside from Kamyu’s ship, the Barleon Principality’s ship that Leila had arrived in would also go to Amolis.

As Leila was the daughter of a duke, she was well versed in how to act in the social world.

I myself had rarely met with other nobles, but she was very accustomed to talking with them, and I had no worries in that regard.

I had said it before, but she didn’t let her emotions show on her face, which meant she should be good at negotiating.

Leila was currently wearing a necklace that was extravagantly studded with emeralds and diamonds.

This accessory had been made with precious metals and stones from Sheorl.

And so while Leila’s dress had been rather plain, she now looked quite different.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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