Cave King – 104


“…Hey, Lord Heal? You didn’t react the same way to me.”

“Ah, uh. You look good too, Kamyu. That suits you.”

I answered, as Kamyu looked at me with a cool expression.

Kamyu was also wearing the dress of a noblewoman and had similar accessories.

Of course, she would change into her usual naval officer coat, once they had set sail.

As for why she was dressed like this, well, it was also a matter of diplomacy.

Appearances were very important in high society. This had nothing to do with vanity or luxury…

Well, maybe just a little, in Kamyu’s case.

She kept touching her hair and adjusting her clothes before looking this way.

“I-I’m sure the people of Amolis will be quite astonished.”

“You really aren’t very smart… Well, that is also what makes you charming, Lord Heal.”

She said with an exasperated look. But she quickly became serious again.

“…Now, Amolis itself can easily be reached by traveling east. It’s not hard to catch the wind, so I shall be able to return rather quickly. Also, I will be leaving about half of my orcs, so if you have any questions about the navy, you can ask them.”

Next, Leila opened her mouth.

“I will also leave a number of people that I trust. So if someone else from home comes here, they will be able to deal with them.”

“Very well. I’m sorry to have to send both of you out…but I’m counting on you.”

Leila and Kamyu nodded to me and then headed for their ships.

“Well, I’ll be going now… Ah, that’s right.”

Just as she started boarding her ship, Leila turned to look back at me.

“I talked to Rienna and Kamyu about it. We’ll hold a ceremony upon our return. So be prepared.”

“Yes, yes. It will be a great affair, so I’ll buy lots of food and musical instruments for it.”

Kamyu said with a happy expression.

…I suppose it was to celebrate their return. They were leaving Sheorl. So of course, I would want to celebrate the return of the crew.

I just hoped we finished a lot of the work we had to do before then.

“It depends on the situation, but it would be nice to do something very big. Yes, we’ll be making preparations here as well.”

I said. Leila looked calm and Kamyu smiled. Then they turned away.

And like that, our first envoys set sail towards Amolis.

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    • Well yeah, but looking at it from a harem perspective it probably adds a lot of possibilities for the bedroom. Heal himself still seems to be conscious of Kamyu so as long as he doesn’t mind it’s not a problem.

    • Ever since I saw a study that looked at guys who liked traps and determined that as a group they didn’t have any more interest in guys outside their fetish(someone literally got people to fund “Are traps gay,”) I’ve been operating off the assumption that genitalia is simply not included in the genetics of what determines attraction, making it entirely social. Which makes sense, cuz false positives would be pretty rare under normal circumstances.

      If so, it comes down to how open minded Heal is. And the entire point of Heal as a character is accepting all kinds of people rejected outside and building them a society where they can thrive together.

      Still… If they actually end up together, which is not settled yet, it’s likely there’ll be a plot intervention like an ultimatum from old dude for Kamyu to adopt a form capable of giving birth to heirs.

      • It was neved stated that she’s a futanari. Mc only saw male bits when kamyu was nude. Perhaps you’re right and they are a futanari, but i think its much more likely given kamyu’s original appearance that kamyu simply became a trap.

  1. Ah, yes, a celebration for their return for sure, no other meaning and objective that requires the approval of the females around Heal, indeed. I think he’s trying to ignore this incoming event, unconsciously knowing he can’t stop it.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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