Cave King – 137

Chapter 137 – It was a prophecy!?


After I finished talking to Balpas about the agreement, I headed out towards the pier.

There was the royal navy’s battleship… I had come in hopes of meeting my father who was repairing it.

However, when I arrived, I saw that the ship was already fully repaired.

The hull and masts were fixed and there wasn’t a hole in sight.

And while the island residents had helped, I was surprised to see it finished so quickly…

Just then Ashton, who had been monitoring my father, walked up to me.

“Lord Heal… How did things go with the agreement?”

“Ah, yes. I’ve just finished making some adjustments with my brother. We won’t exactly be allies, but we will not fight and will be able to trade with one another.”

“I see. That is good to hear…”

Ashton sighed with an expression of great relief.

“Did something happen?”

“I believe it would be unwise to fight with someone like your father.”

Ashton said. Then he pointed towards one of the ship’s masts.

“Your father carried that up by himself, and fixed it…”

“He carried that mast…”

He must have cut off the parts he could still use and reconnected them to make a new mast.

It was about a man’s height shorter than a typical battleship mast.

Still, it wasn’t a weight that a human would be able to carry. It would take machinery if not magic to move it.

“Besides, as you are family, I’m sure you get along.”

“We’re not exactly like you and Haines. That being said, is father…ah…”

I followed his magic energy and saw that he was looking at something with deep interest as Baris and Haines kept their eyes on him.

As for what he was looking at, it was Mappa, who was hammering away at a giant clump of metal. Next to him, Fal the Fire Dragon was adding heat.

Were they making something?

It seemed like he had already finished repairing the ship.

But perhaps that giant clump of metal was to be made into an anchor.

However, there was already a chain lowered on the side of the ship, which suggested that they had an anchor.

“Was there something they still needed for the ship…”

I wondered. But the answer came shortly.

“Ohh! It’s a…”

The crew around me raised their voices.

Their faces lit up as they saw that Mappa had finished the hair of what was now clearly a head.

The hair was long and full as it waved… They probably recognized it as a statue of the king.

I see. So it was a figurehead.

A figurehead was the statue that was placed in front of the ship.

Usually, they were modeled after gods and great historical figures.

And so the crew must have assumed Mappa was making a statue of my father.

However, I wasn’t convinced Mappa would make a statue of other people…

As I looked at him suspiciously, the men of the ship all looked on with eager expressions.

And my prediction turned out to be true. The crew looked at the finished statue and tilted their heads.


Then Mappa boastfully stood next to his finished creation.

Without a doubt, it was a statue of Mappa.

Not only that, but just like the Mappa Golem who stood in the sea, his eyes were rolled back in a foolish expression.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Seems Mappa is very angry, and I mean VERY angry about the fact that his own beard isn’t better than the king’s. Then again, maybe he considers such a figurine great… Oh well.

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