Jack of all Trades – 295

God Wolf Sword Reach


“No holding back!”

“Come at me!”


I raised the wind speed as I dashed forward. A white tornado of wind erupted behind me as I swung the Velnoir down over the Queen’s Knight Goblin. I meant to cut into his brain and split his head open. Of course, regardless of the lack of pain, the head was important, and so he blocked me with his greatsword. I was at full speed and yet he was able to raise that heavy weapon in time. That alone showed how big of a threat he was.


“You’re too slow!”



High-pitched metallic rings echoed in the air as our swords clashed. I tried raising myself into the air and holding him down from above, but the goblin pushed me away with increased strength.




Balance was lost in the struggle, the forward force of Legs of the God Wolf not only stopped me from being blown back, but I slammed into the goblin instead.




His greatsword aimed for my neck, but I bent back as far as I could and dodged it by a hair’s breadth before landing in the snow on my knees. Then I counterattacked by slashing at the back of his legs with the Velnoir, but it hardly did any damage. And so without getting up, I slid away with Legs of the God Wolf until there was a good distance between us. At the same time, I created Ice Arrows and fired them off towards his back. Even if he didn’t feel pain, it should do some damage. After all, he was bleeding.


“What’s this? Why are you wandering around like that… Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee, is that it? Are you a little honey bee!”

“You sure like to talk!”


I moved in a circle around the goblin and waited for an opening. We were in a blizzard. I would lose him if I moved too far away. And while I did have Presence Detection and Eyes of the God Wolf, it was getting to a point where they were tiring to use. Still, this was no time to take a rest.


“Then I will show you how great I am!”



It shot towards me with such strength as if to say the blizzard was nothing. He had read me even though I was moving. I suppose my movements had been too simple.




The greatsword came swinging in my path like a bat. I jumped over it. But he didn’t stop. The sword came straight back, this time, from behind me. And so I used Legs of the God Wolf and Jack of all Trades, Master of None to control my posture and do a backflip without any preliminary actions. There was an unpleasant jolt within my gut that I fought back as I swung my sword, while still up-side-down in the air.



“Too slow!”


The goblin turned his head and dodged the attack. The tip did cut near his collar bone, but it probably meant nothing to someone who had shut off the pain. However, that was no reason to not attack at all. I raised the speed of Legs of the God Wolf and rammed my foot into its head, and then followed it with another kick with the other leg.


“Do you want another one?”

“You pest!”


The greatsword rushed towards me as I raised my leg, and so I quickly moved out of the way. It was like doing a cartwheel in the air. But Eyes of the God Wolf kept my vision from spinning. It ignored whatever angle I was in and I could see the goblin clearly. It was reaching out its hand towards me. What was it going to do…?


“Eat this!”



Magic energy gathered into his palm. It was a bright yellow color. I had never seen it before, but Daniela had told me about it. Lightning Magic. I stopped myself from rotating and conjured a barrier of ice. In the next instant, a sharp flash struck the other side of the thick wall.




There was a deafening crack and the barrier exploded. The shards of ice smashed into each other, and I could feel the concentration of magic once again as I backed away. I immediately dropped to the ground, but there was no world where the wind was faster than lightning. And though I tried to escape, the lightning arrow pierced me through the thigh.




The pain was immediately followed by numbness, and I nearly dropped my sword. Still, I managed to hold onto it, and after a short struggle, landed soft on the wet snow.




The snow and wind raged all around us. Even the blood flowing from my shoulder and leg felt like it was about to freeze. I hadn’t been this beaten up in a while. Hmm… The last time was probably when I fought the Loup-garou.


“You’re giving up already?”


Before I knew it, the Queen’s Knight Goblin was standing in front of me. But when I looked up, I could see that he was in tatters as well. Pain or not, so much blood had been shed. The blue streaks were running down his red skin. 


“If you’re done, I’ll cut you down. Same with that shadow woman. And that smug man and the white woman. I will kill them all.”


White woman. My body shook.


“And then the Queen shall move. There is a bigger town to the south that we will prey on. It will be our new country.”

“I won’t let you…”


My fingers wrapped around the hilt of the Velnoir.


“Oh? What can you do? Nothing. Not in that body. No, human bodies are useless.”


“I will find a country for my own…a place of security…and…”


He didn’t end the confusing line of words. Instead, he sighed.


“Ah…there is no point in telling you. You are finished now.”

“No, not yet…!”


Then the goblin raised its greatsword into the air. The blade was wide and long, but the tip was covered in snow and I couldn’t see it. Still, I wouldn’t give up. I was only resting.


“This…isn’t over!!”



The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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