Cave King – 67

Chapter 67 – Magic was ineffective!?


The magic red lights immediately went from dots to lines.


Countless rays of red light were shooting towards us.


“We’re being attacked!?”


Fule panicked, but I had Shield surrounding us, and it blocked all of the rays easily.


“Are they…Golems?”


I unleashed a volley of fire magic in their direction.


The flames caught onto our attackers, and the area was illuminated… And…


“Huh? The rocks are floating!?”


Like Fule said, there were numerous rocks floating in this empty space.


Well, they seemed quite round and spherical for being normal rocks.

They were black in color, and there was a dent in their center where the red lights leaked out of.


“There are so many… But how are they floating in the air like this?”


Dozens…nearly a hundred floating rocks… Were they also a type of Golem that protected this land?


Even as I wondered about this, my fire magic swallowed them up.

However, even while they were enveloped in fire, the rays of light were directed at us again.


“So fire doesn’t work… In that case…”


I tried unleashing Freeze.


If fire didn’t work, maybe ice would…

Besides, I wanted to be able to inspect them.


The white current of freezing air enveloped the rocks and froze over.


I could hear Fule cheering behind me.


However, in the blink of an eye, the ice was absorbed into the glowing dent.


Not only that, but the red lights turned blue, and they started to shoot out blue rays.


“No, could it be…”


The rays slammed into my Shield, and then turned into ice.


“…They’re able to make my attacks bounce back?”

“Lord Heal! Allow me!”


Fule thrust her hands out and unleashed her thunder magic at the rocks.


However, this too was absorbed by them.

This time, their lights turned yellow, and a storm of yellow rays shot towards us.


“They’re copying our magic?”

“Aye, it’s settled… They are able to absorb it.”


Through my magic detection skill, I was able to see that the energy was going right into them.


“Then…does that mean magic won’t work at all?”

“No…maybe if I hit it with a stronger attack.”


But currently, I had to fight while maintaining the Shield.


Which meant that I could not use much magic for my attacks.

Not only that, but they were absorbing my magic, which could in turn be used against us…


I had promised everyone that safety would come first. Perhaps it would be best to retreat…hmm?


My pickaxe shook.

When I looked down, I saw that Shiel was poking it.


“What is it, Shiel? What about my pickaxe?”

“I think she wants you to hit them with it?”


Fule suggested. And then Shiel nodded.


“I see. If they are made of rock, then a pickaxe might work… Alright. We’ll hit them directly. Number 15, you guard the entrance.”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. He can block that path with rocks and then detour, the when he gets to control de device underground the he can control those golems…

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