Cave King – 67


Number 15 nodded and held its shield up.

Shield was was still protecting the entrance, but this was an extra precaution.


“Alright then, Fule, Taran…and Mappa.”


Before I knew it, Mappa was standing next to me with a hammer in his hand.


And then he looked at us with an expression full of confidence, and nodded deeply.


Mappa wanted to fight too…? Well, I knew that he was quite strong.


I made sure that Shiel was on my shoulder and then I turned to the others.


“I’ll keep Shield up around you all, but don’t spread out too much… Now, let’s go!”



We raised our pickaxes and approached the rocks.




And so I swung down, much harder than I did when I was digging.


And then, the rocks fell apart with a loud rumbling sound.


Was it because of the Mithril or because of Cave King?

In any case…


“We can do this…!”


I quickly swung towards the next enemy.


And this one also crumbled in a single hit.

Alright, this was no different from normal digging.


“As for the others…”


I glanced at them from the corner of my eye.




Fule seemed like she was struggling a little.

It was only after her third hit that her first target went down.


Taran was swinging four pickaxes, and the floating rocks were smashed one after another.


And then in the next moment, Taran jumped forward and tore through another group of rocks.

I wasn’t too worried because Shield was protecting us, but even without it, Taran was dodging the rays of light on quick feet.


…I had never seen Taran fight before.


Taran always seemed so mild-mannered. So it was like looking at a completely different person now.

Well, she wasn’t a person to begin with. It was just, she actually moved like an intimidating monster now.


In fact, Taran was taking down the largest number of enemies out of all of us.


I couldn’t lose… As for Mappa…huh?


Where did he go? Ah, there he is.


A short distance away, there was a place where several rocks were directing their rays.


I had told him to stay close…


I slashed at the rocks with my pickaxe as I made my way towards him.


Eventually, I was able to see him.


Mappa was looking through the rocks that he had crushed.


As I thought, he hadn’t even come to fight. He just wanted to look for rocks.

It was just as I thought this, that another rock started to float towards Mappa, but he shattered it with his hammer at a speed that was too fast for my eyes to follow. Then he continued to rummage through the pile.


Were there actually any differences in the rocks?

Now that I thought of it, what were they even made out of?


They just looked like black rocks at a glance, but they also seemed a little like glass.


However, you could occasionally find things that looked like golden stones or crystals.


They were apparently buried inside of the rocks.


It was likely that they were responsible for the rays of light that were being shot out.


The gold stones… It must either be a stone that makes monsters evolve or a magic stone that stores energy.

A magic stone seemed a little more likely in this case.


So, were they a type of Golem then?


On closer inspection, I even saw that there were familiar blue stones mixed in with the black. They looked like the Heart Stones that were needed to create Golems.


In that case, this was a blessing in disguise.

Now I could create new Golems. Not just that, but I could create a hundred of them, and they would be able to use magic.


As for the crystals…I wasn’t sure what they were for.
I would have to study them later.


When I looked around, I saw that while there had been nearly a hundred of them, most of them were destroyed now.


There were only about ten left.

This was because Taran had kept moving forward and destroyed all of them.


And so I attacked the last one that was nearby.


Fule had also cleared the area she was in.


As for Mappa, he was juggling about ten crystals for some reason.


“Alright, we’re done here. And Taran…is also finished.”


Taran had just taken down the last remaining one in the back.

Then she waved the four pickaxes at me.


“Taran, that was amazing!”


Fule said as she waved back.

I also raised my pickaxe in salute.


However, that’s when it happened.

The ceiling behind Taran opened, and a giant floating boulder appeared.

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  1. Wait he just said that the gold stones were for either evolving or storing magic. If they are for evolving then Heal can have more of his subjects evolve. There’s 100 golems so theoretically he could have 100 evolution stones.

    • That would be too much, even for this story. It’s probably related to that “eye beam” attack, or their ability to absorb magic.

    • Heal, you idiot.

      You could’ve just sent healing magic towards the golems.

      Based on his description of the golems, they could be made from obsidian with a golden magic core.

      Also, it looks like the boss has appeared. Maybe it’s GLADOS?

  2. Is it RPG-like? Killing/destroying all minions means the boss is summoned.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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