Cave King – 68

Chapter 68 – It was very strong!!


“What is that…”


The black rocks we had just destroyed.


This thing that had appeared was about ten times larger than them.


“It-it’s huge… Is it their boss?”


Fule asked with wide eyes. However, Taran jumped on it immediately.

And at a speed that my eyes could barely follow, Taran slammed the four pickaxes into the enemy.


However, it did nothing at all.


Instead of breaking, the eye in the center of the boulder brightened in intensity.


I could sense the expansion of an immense amount of magic.


“Taran! Fall back!!”


I shouted. And Taran quickly moved away from the boulder.


At the same time, the white light enveloped the entire boulder and…


There was a thunderous roar as an explosion of wind spread out around it.


“Fule! Taran! Over here!”



Mappa and Fule came close to me right away.

We huddled together to strengthen Taran’s Shield as much as possible.


Because of this, my Shield was able to stop the blast.


However, the wind pressure was so strong that it threatened to push us back, and I tried to fight it by sending more magic energy into the Shield.

But Taran could not withstand it, and while the Shield enveloped her, she came rolling towards us like a ball. 


“Taran. Are you alright!?”


I shouted. Taran quickly got back to her feet and shook her body vertically.


What a relief… She wasn’t injured. As for everyone by the entrance…


I looked behind me. Number 15 was still there, and everything seemed to be fine.


“Still, what incredible power…”


It was about as strong as I was recently.

But though there was an explosion, nothing had caught on fire. Was it holy magic?


Fule nodded.


“But that was unleashed in a wide area… If it narrowed it down to a single target…”


Yes, if it was a single ray like the attacks from the other rocks, it would be very dangerous…


Furthermore, Taran’s attacks had done nothing to it.


“Taran. Was it that hard?”


Taran nodded with a somber and troubled expression.


“I see…”


Just like mine, Taran’s pickaxes were made of Mithril.


Not only that, but Taran had superior arm strength and speed compared to me. And yet the attacks had done nothing.

It was true that I probably had superior technique… But regardless, it was clear that breaking this boulder was no easy feat.


“If there is one place that would be weak to attacks, it would be the light in the center… But we can’t get close to it.”


All it would take is another similar attack, and we would get blown away, even with Shield up.


“Still, it doesn’t attack very often. Ah, it’s glowing again.”


It would likely unleash its ray this time.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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