Cave King – 68


“Fule, Mappa. Get behind Number 15! I’ll cast Shield around you, but I want you to cast it too, Fule!”



Fule and Mappa quickly ran towards Number 15.


On the other hand, Taran and I looked at each other and nodded.


Taran put all of her pickaxes on the ground and came close to me.

Then I got on top of her back, and we shot towards the boulder, faster than any horse could run.


She was so fast… As Taran wasn’t holding any pickaxes, she could use more of her legs, which allowed for quicker movement.


At the same time, the boulder unleashed its ray of light.


The giant ray shot towards us from behind… It was faster in targeting us.

However, just as it was about to hit us, Taran jumped high into the air.


Then she landed far away from it.

But it quickly moved in our direction again.


After that, Taran’s movements were incredible.


To the right, to the left, on the walls and ceilings…she jumped back and forth.

That was a spider for you. It was as if Taran was mocking the boulder.


On the other hand, I was grabbing onto Taran’s back for dear life, and desperately fighting the urge to vomit…


This continued for a while, until the boulder finally stopped chasing us with its ray.


“Now! Let’s go, Taran!”


I shouted. And Taran shot toward the boulder.


And just when we were right in front of the shining eye, she jumped high into the air.




I swung the pickaxe up, and then slammed it right into the glowing eye.


There was a sound of glass shattering into countless pieces, and the giant boulder began to crumble in front of me.

It was like watching a stone building fall. The sound was deafening.


As the rocks fell to the ground, Taran landed on the ground while still carrying me.


“We did it! Taran! That was amazing!”


I got off of Taran and we hit our palms together.


“That enemy was so strong… I wouldn’t have been able to get close enough without you, Taran.”


As I praised Taran for an excellent fight, Taran slapped her arms together as if clapping.


At the same time, a voice rang in my head.


<<As your proficiency in each level has been raised, the ‘Cave King’ crest has gone up to Rank 4>>


It had been a while since I last ranked up.

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  1. Dangerous boss, but a rather too fast victory. Maybe the author doesn’t like making fight scenes.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • So he ranked up?

      Does the crest rank up after meeting certain criteria, or does it rank up after acquiring a certain amount of experience, like levelling up?

      Did he gain a lot of exp from the boss or did he rank up after using his mining abilities for combat purposes against rock-like enemies?

      What new abilities does he have now? A map? A radar to detect ore deposits? The ability to disassemble and reassemble No. 15 while keeping her memories intact? Or maybe Mappa will remodel No. 15? Or Maybe Heal will create No. 16-20?

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