Cave King – 69

Chapter 69 – We got a lot!


<<As your proficiency in each level has been raised, the ‘Cave King’ crest has gone up to Rank 4.>>


A rank up, huh?

I suppose defeating this monster had helped me reach some requirements.


<<The range of auto-gathering has been expanded. You can now use the auto-gathering feature outside of the cave.>>


In that case….


I tried to gather the boulders that were around me.


Previously, the mined ore had to be within two to three feet of me.


However, that distance had been doubled now.


This was a good upgrade.

And I could even use it outside of the cave.


<<Furthermore, the Workshop rank has reached Level 2.>>


The Workshop feature… If I remembered correctly, I could only make Stone and Marble Blocks. And also sand.


That being said, those had been incredibly useful for us on this island.

The reclaimed ground had been possible because of these Workshop features.


…So, what would I be able to make now?


<<The added Workshop items are Ingots and Glass.>>


Ingots… The result of smelting ore.


All of the ore in my Inventory was calculated as ingots.


But now I was able to shape them in any way that I wanted.

In other words, they could be thin like a needle, or a giant clump… They could be used for a method of attack.


It was the same with glass. It would be useful for all kinds of things.


Surely there were things that even Mappa would not be able to make that I could.


…Maybe an iron tower. No, that would be horrible during the summer.


That being said, both of these upgrades were rather boring.

After all, Mappa could already do a lot of this as it was.

But I supposed that I should be happy that I could now make things on my own whenever I wanted.


Just then, a voice echoed from behind me.


“Lord Heal! Taran! That was amazing, you two!”


It was Fule. She bumped her shoulder against mine.


She smelled nice, which made me pull away a little in embarrassment.


But Fule seemed oblivious to this, as she gave Taran a thumbs up and gushed about the fight.


“Fu-Fule. It looks like…you weren’t hurt.”

“I’m fine. And everyone else in the back is fine too!”


I could see Number 15 and the other monsters waving at us near the entrance.

Some were even clapping. I suppose they were celebrating my victory with Taran.


Huh…what about Mappa? Ah, there he is.


He was busy gathering the black fragments of rock.

Was he going to make something with it?


“Still, that thing really was huge. Even its remains form a small mountain.”

“Aye… I wonder who made it.”


Well, who’s to say that it was even made by someone?


I looked up at the ceiling, where it had come from.


However, even though I squinted and used Night Vision, I could not see anything but empty space.


Had it just been sleeping up there all of this time….?


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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