Cave King – 69


The smaller ones had not stood a chance against us.

And so this big one must have come out.

Things would have been very dangerous if it had come out first… Huh?

Shiel the slime was at my feet, and she was bobbing up and down apologetically.

It looked like she was saying that she was sorry.

“No, Shiel. You really helped by telling us that magic didn’t work. Thank you.”

I said. And Shiel nodded.

“Now, I suppose I should inspect these rocks and crystals.”

I had already gathered the ones around me. And so I opened my Inventory.

Heart Stone, Magic Stone… These two were familiar.

The Heart Stone was a blue stone that became a core for the Golems.

In other words, these black rocks were likely a type of Golem.

As for the Magic Stones, they were stones that could store magic.

They must have been used to unleash those rays of light.

However, there were three names that were unfamiliar to me.

I took out one of the black fragments from my Inventory.

“A…Magic Defense Stone…huh?”

<<Magic Defense Stone… A stone that increases magic defense. Can be consumed in order to raise magic resistance.>>

I had a feeling it would be something like this, since they were immune to magic attacks… But…consume?

<<It means that you are to eat it.>>

“Ea-eat it!? But it’s a rock!”

“Huh? What is it?”

Fule looked just as puzzled.

“Uh, apparently this thing…raises magic defense…if you eat it.”


Fule picked one up and began to check its texture and smell.

However, it felt like a crystal and had a similar weight as well.

It did not look edible…

But when I looked farther away, I saw that Mappa was biting into a black rock.

He seemed to be enjoying it… I was surprised that he was able to break it with his teeth.

Maybe it wasn’t as hard as it looked?

“You can really eat this…?”

Fule decided to try it out as she brought it to her mouth.

However, she then shook her head and dropped it on the ground.

“Fule… I think we should wash them and try again later. Maybe we could even grind them up first.”

“Yes… And we could mix them with water. Then you wouldn’t be able to tell that they had been rocks.”

Still, having a higher resistance to magic…

Though, I wish it were like the crystal and you just had to give the order.

Regardless, this would be quite useful in raising magic resistance for the Golems.

“Huh? Now that I look at it, don’t you think that this big one is slightly different in color?”

I nodded at Fule’s observation.

This other black material.

It was something that was only found in the last, boss monster.

<<Black Iron… Harder than iron and with high resistance to heat.>>

Apparently, it was this black iron that had kept it from breaking when Taran attacked it with pickaxes.

While it wasn’t particularly exciting, it might still be useful.

I turned to Fule.

“Black iron. So it’s just a very strong type of metal.”
“I see… And what about that round crystal?”

<<Magic Absorption Crystal… Absorbs and stores a fixed amount of magic.>>

“It’s a rock that absorbs magic.”

“Huh. That’s pretty amazing… So that’s why none of the magic attacks worked.”

This was also quite expected, in a way.

The Magic Defense Stones didn’t block all magic. And so this stone had likely absorbed what got through.

That being said, it must have absorbed quite a lot…

While the crystal in the boss was bigger than the others, the smaller crystals also had the same function. However, they had been crushed into small pieces.

Perhaps the size affected how much they could absorb. I wondered if the broken crystals could be fixed.

Well, it was up to Mappa, I suppose.

“Still…it’s an incredible amount.”

“Yeah. I think we better gather everything before digging any further.’

With all of this, I would be able to make even stronger Golems.

And it would also help us strengthen our defenses on the surface.

And so after that, the slimes helped me gather all of the rocks in the area.

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    • [Well, who’s to say that it was even made by someone?]

      Aye. Then, who’s the golem mommy and daddy, can someone explain?

      Ah, well…looks like Heal intends to build a No. 16 and up with the materials he gathered. I wonder if the resulting golem would look similar to No. 15?

  1. Mappa, the one who brings the fun. Maybe that leviathan once ate some of those big round danger ball golems.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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