Cave King – 70

Chapter 70 – I made a huge Golem!


“Woah! There is so much!”

Erevan shouted as he saw the mountain of rocks that had been piled up under the World Tree.

Here lay all five types of stones that we retrieved from the round, floating Golems that we killed.

“We now have a grasp on what each one does. It is quite surprising.”

“I doubt anyone would want to attack us if they knew that we had Golems made with such stones.”

Said Ashton in Haines. They too looked at the mountain of stones in awe.

Currently, it was me and the three warriors, along with Baris and Rienna, who sat at the round table.

We needed to discuss how we would use the stones.

And so my first suggestion was to have them eat some of the crushed rock. After all, it would raise their resistance to magic.

However, none of them seemed very enthusiastic. Well, except for Mappa…

And so I decided to lead by example…


It was just a small bite, but the bitterness spread through my entire mouth.

And so it was decided that Rienna would later think of a way to make these edible.

After that, Baris turned to me.

“With so much material, you should be able to make many Golems.”

“Yeah. So not all of them will have to be used for defenses. Of course, those will still be the priority.”

When making Golems, the most important thing to consider was what kind of magic they would use.

What should be carved into the Magic Stones?

Up until now, all of the Golems were made to be able to use Shield.

Perhaps it was best to continue doing that…

Now that I think about it, what about the magic that these floating Golems had been using?

It was some kind of ray of light…

But in the first place, why were they floating?

None of the rocks had the ability to make you float… But then again, there were about twice as many Magic Stones as there were Heart Stones.

In other words, you could put multiple Magic Stones inside of a Golem.

One for the light magic, and one for the floating…

Flying magic… If I knew how to do it, I would have so many more options.

Still, it was best to play it safe for now.

Everything was about securing our safety.

“I’m thinking about making a few more Golems that can use Shield. And I’ll use some of the Magic Absorbing Stones and Magic Defense Stones on them as well. They will be on the small side, and can help protect the other miners.”

Everyone nodded.

After that, Ashton the kobold muttered.

“That’s a good idea. I would be very happy if you could make a few for the outside area as well.”

“Of course. It’s with that considered, that I’m thinking of making another addition to the defense Golems.”

“An addition?”

“Yeah. I’m going to use another Magic Stone for some more menacing magic.”

It would have to be good, or it would be a waste of a Magic Stone.

Something that would be of great help when we had to defend ourselves.

Up until now, the Golems just used Shield magic, and carried actual Mithril shields.

Though, some of them also had swords.

“I see. So they will be able to fight Killer Birds and Satan Shellfish as well.”


Just then, Haines opened his mouth.

“Lord Heal, I have a suggestion.”

“What is it, Haines?”

“I was wondering if you couldn’t station Golems in the water as well. You know, many of the Satan Shellfish and Scissor Crabs come from the sea? It’s coming to a point where we can no longer send divers down there to catch fish.”

“I see… I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll try making one and seeing if it can move underwater. If it works, I’ll make them so they can use Shield and attack magic so that they can fish.”

“Thank you! Now I will be able to eat oysters again! I was very much looking forward to it until those damn crabs came along… Ah, what a relief!”

I guess Haines really liked his oysters. I liked them too, but wasn’t aware that they could be caught here.

As Haines panted loudly, Ashton rolled his eyes.

“You got sick the last time you ate them. And yet you still want more… And to even make suggestions based on personal greed…”

“Well, I like to eat oysters too. Satan Shellfish are fine, but I’d like to have other stuff as well.”

I said. And Haines agreed happily.

Then I nodded.

“Having more options will make our lives richer. Besides, I really had forgotten about securing our safety in the water. It was a good suggestion. Anyone else?”

“Chief! I also have a good suggestion!”

“Erevan. What is it?”

“Why don’t you make a single huge, giant Golem! One that is larger than the World Tree!”

Rienna interrupted him.

“I understand that you like big things, General… But what use could such a thing have?”

“Uh, well, you know…”

“In the first place, it will block all of the sunlight. And all our reclaimed land will probably sink…”

Baris nodded as he listened to Rienna.

“Something that heavy will do great damage to the land. It is not at all realistic.”

“I-I see… Aha…hahah!”

Erevan laughed with embarrassment.

However, it wasn’t as senseless as some might have thought.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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