Cave King – 36

Chapter 36 – We opened a council!!!


“Wh-what’s this!?”


Kamyu raised his voice in surprise when he lifted the Mithril axe.


“Is this really an axe? Are you sure it isn’t hollow?”


Mappa didn’t answer a single one of his questions.

He was just swinging his hammer and seemed to be making something.


And when it was finished, Mappa handed it to Kamyu.


“Is-is this…a saber?”


Mappa nodded.


From the blade to the hilt, everything was made of Mithril.

The pattern on the blade, the shape of the pommel, all of it was like a work of art.

And yet Mappa had created it in just a few minutes. His blacksmith skills really were amazing.


“What? This is for me…?”


Kamyu’s eyes brightened as he accepted the Mithril saber.

He swung it lightly and felt its weight.


“It-it’s amazing… I’ve never touched such a sword in my life. You’re incredible!”


Kamyu said with open arms, but Mappa shook his hands in front of him as a clear rejection.

While most people gave him looks of distaste, Mappa seemed much more like a gentleman.


However, Kamyu looked all the more regretful.


“Hmph. You’re just an old man anyway…who’s naked!! I didn’t even want a hug!”


Kamyu said as he turned his nose away.


He had been like this all day, ever since he got up to explore the island.


As for me, I helped the others gather the remains of the battleship and other boats, and build graves.

I had finished up and was on my way to where Baris was waiting.


“Kamyu and Mappa. Baris is calling you both. Come with me.”

“Ah, Lord Heal! Of course, I’ll go with you! So, that old man has business with me?”

“You’re the leader of the orcs. Baris wants to gather all of the leaders of the tribes and hold a council.”


While I said Baris, it was also my wish as well.

This was because I wanted to discuss a certain matter…that is, the use of the two Ascending Stones and the Substitute Stone.

Depending on how they were used, they could greatly benefit the island.


The Ascending Stone allowed monsters to evolve into any shape they desired.


For instance…

Goblins were unable to use magic because their bodies couldn’t use magic energy.

However, with the Ascending Stone, they could evolve into a body that could use that energy.


Furthermore, the Substitute Stone could be turned into any other kind of stone.


That included the Dragon Sphere Stone, which could bring the dead back to life.

There might be someone with a particularly special ability that we could resurrect so that they could help improve life on the island.

Of course, it could also just be used as an Ascending Stone. And we could also save it as a substitute for a stone we hadn’t discovered yet.


Still, I felt that the act of resurrecting people had to be done with extreme caution.

I liked to think that no one really died because they wanted to… But there could be exceptions… Maybe some were satisfied with their life and did not want to return.

It was not something that I could decide on my own.


Well, that was what I wanted to discuss. But Baris also had something that he wanted to discuss with the others.

And so, it was decided that now would be a good time to hold a council with the leaders.


A giant, round table of marble was set underneath the World Tree.

The Mithril Golem had made it under Baris’s orders.

Apparently, Golems were quite good at working with Mithril, and this table was made in just a few minutes.

There were also marble seats prepared, and were it not for the fact that we were outside, this would have been considered a very fine council chamber.


Well, I doubted any would complain, given we were instead, underneath the branches of the huge World Tree…


Baris, Ashton, and Haines were already waiting at the round table.

Taran was also there, though, without a chair.


Goblins, Kobolds, and Cave Spiders, huh…

I would never have imagined that I would be living with such people on this island.

In the first place, I spent all of my time in the palace and the royal capital, so I never got to meet any monsters.


Rienna had prepared tea for everyone.


She was a goblin, but had used an Ascending Stone to turn into her current form, which was much like a human.

And she was more beautiful than any woman I had seen in the palace….

…No, I can’t think about that now.


I shook my head to get rid of such thoughts.


That’s when everyone noticed us coming and they got to their feet.


Baris bowed his head and the others followed.


“Sorry that we’re late, Baris.”

“No, no, Lord Heal. I’m sorry for having to call you.”

“Well, I’m the one that asked you to arrange this. Alright, let’s begin then. Kamyu, Mappa. Sit over there.”


And so Kamyu, Mappa, Shiel, and I took our seats at the round table.

Now we could begin…or so I thought. But then I noticed that there was one seat that was empty.


“Now that I think about it, where’s Erevan…?”

“Oh, the General is…”


Rienna’s head turned in a certain direction.

Erevan was there and seemed to be talking to Fule.


He nodded with a serious expression before noticing that we were watching them. And so he and Fule came over to the table.


“Chief, are you sure about this?”

“Do you mean the Ascending Stone? Well, Fule dug it up herself. She doesn’t need my permission.”

“But it’s such a valuable thing for someone like…”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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