Cave King – 36


Fule answered.


“I know… It’s not like I dug this up myself. So I’m going to use this stone so that it benefits everyone. I promise.”

“Fule… Very well. You can use it so that you can be more useful to the Chief.”

“Yes! And of course, for you too, father!”

“Tsk. Don’t get so ahead of yourself… Well, I’ll have moderate expectations.”


…It was clear that Erevan was actually very happy to hear that, but he did his best to hide it.


After this display of familial affection, Fule turned to me.


“Well then, Lord Heal. I will use this stone.”

“I’ve said it many times already, it’s yours. You don’t need to hesitate. Just use it.”



I answered her.


However, Kamyu looked like he wanted to ask me something.


On the other hand, Ashton and Haines must have heard of the Ascending Stone from Rienna. They gulped and watched Fule carefully.


“Okay…here goes.”


Fule raised the stone into the air, and the area was surrounded by a bright light.


And when it died down…


“A-a human!?”


That was the first thing that Erevan said.


Indeed, the person standing there had light skin.


The girl, who appeared to be about the same age as me, slowly opened her eyes.


She had short black hair that hung over one eye, and her eyes were just as dark.

Furthermore, she was on the slender side, but shapely and had toned arms and legs and developed abdominal muscles.


Everyone was looking at her in surprise. Why was she human?

Kamyu was especially shocked. His jaw was open so wide that I thought it might dislocate.


As for the kobold baby, Ril, she seemed quite puzzled over the sudden disappearance of the old Fule.


As for me, I was the only one…who covered my eyes.


Fule sounded uncertain as she asked,


“Uh-uh…what happened?”

“What happened? You turned into a human as well…”


Erevan said.


“What? Really? A mirror…oh. Thank you, Shiel… Oh, it’s true.”


Shiel must have stretched out its body like a mirror for her.


Fule seemed to now be aware of her current form.


As everyone muttered to each other, Erevan’s voice echoed.


“What does this mean? …First the Princess, and now Fule. Are the Berdan somehow related to humans?”

“No… I have never heard of that being the case… Still, Fule. What were you hoping for when you used the Ascending Stone?”


I could hear Baris asking her.


“Huh? Uh… I simply wished that I could become strong, like Lord Heal.”


At these words, everyone seemed to be satisfied.


Baris answered.


“I see. So that’s why your hair, eyes, and height are similar to him. Was it the same for you, Princess?”

“Me-me? Indeed, I might have wished along similar lines!”


It wasn’t like Rienna to answer so vaguely.

However, Baris seemed to understand her perfectly.


“Hmmm. Hmm. I see.”


I thought that I did as well.

The Ascending Stone allowed the user to evolved into something that allowed them to have the shape and abilities they desired.

Rienna and Fule wanted to use magic, so it was no wonder that they had my image in their head.


Well, my own face wasn’t as pretty as theirs after evolving…


“Wh-what…so this is the Ascending Stone…”

“I have never seen such a thing…”


Ashton and Haines sounded very impressed.


And then I said,


“I see. You must be very happy, Fule.”

“Uh, ye-yes! This is thanks to you, Lord Heal! …But, why are you hiding your face?”

“Huh? Uh, it’s a long story… In any case, could you put on some clothes?”

“Hmm? Okay!”


Fule said, and I could hear her running off.


Apparently, she was gone now.

And so I opened my eyes.


Rienna seemed to understand, but the others were a little puzzled by my actions.

As for Kamyu he had been staring at the ground for quite a while now.


“Well, so there you have it. The Ascending Stone. Ashton, Haines, Kamyu. You understand now, don’t you?”


Ashton and Haines nodded.


However, Kamyu was shaking.


“Th-that’s impossible… Such a stone exists… This must be a dream…”


Apparently, he could not believe in the effects of the Ascending Stone.


Well, it wasn’t the only stone that defied belief…


“In any case, I want to talk about these stones now.”


And so everyone sat down, and the meeting began.

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  1. So Kamyu is also going to transform to a female human. As he/she is going to think of becoming closer to Heal

  2. So looks like Fule is waifu #2.

    Now at least two more people can evolve. Maybe three if they make the Substitute Stone into an Ascending Stone. Only question is who will evolve?

  3. Damn, I honestly didn’t care that much about the obvious evolution…evil cliffhanger and title name. I wanted to read more about the political side. Lol

  4. So, finally back to the stones. The most likely to get an ascension stone is Baris, no question about it. An old and wise man, with plenty knowledge that he can’t use yet, also a great admin (idk what other term to use, sry) of the island.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    P.S. Just noticed a short while ago, the link to this page was “PAGE 1” instead of “PAGE 2”

  5. I will also vote for Barris! He seemed to be the one who will be most efficient after evolving. Then Ril hopefully. Tho right now that’s unlikely since Ril is still a baby and they didnt know her potential yet

    Thanks for the chapter! ♡

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