Cave King – 70


“No, Erevan… I was thinking the same thing.”


This was very unexpected for the others. And they all looked at me with wide eyes.

Even Erevan was shocked.

“Chi-Chief… You really are too kind… But you don’t have to say that to make me feel better.”

“No, that’s not it. I just thought that there was some sense in it.”


I nodded and explained.

“Do you remember the ship?”

The Barleon Principality, that was essentially a vassal state.

One of their ships had appeared on the Sheorl coast.

Rienna nodded.

“Yes… It is the reason that our defenses must be strengthened.”

“Yeah. And so we have to create Golems that can fight, and not just use Shield… We have to strengthen our fighting force. However, there are other ways to protect as well.”

As the others pondered this, Baris opened his mouth.

“Do you mean, having the enemy think twice about attacking us…?”

“Exactly. They will always look into the enemy’s defenses before attacking. If the castle walls and towers are too strong, then they may not attack at all.”

But Erevan did not look convinced.

“I understand that… But what does that have to do with a giant Golem?”

“Well, it doesn’t have to be a Golem. But Erevan, what would you do if you saw someone that was as big as the World Tree?”

“…I would be very impressed. Ah, I see!”

“Yes. Whoever could make such a thing must be very powerful… Right?”

“Indeed! And the bigger the better!”

“Exactly. But like Baris and the others have said, it’s not convenient to put such a thing on the ground, and it would be dangerous. And so I was thinking about the sea instead. What do the rest of you think?”

They all nodded in agreement.

“Well then, I’ll start with making Golems that can move under water. And then I’ll try making a huge one!”

After that, there were several other suggestions. Firefighter Golems that could use water magic, and Blacksmith Golems that had high heat resistance and could use fire magic were among the more practical ones.

I decided to make those too. But we saved 30 Heart Stones and 60 Magic Stones for future use.

And then, when the Underwater Golems was ready, I had it advance into the water.

I had asked Mappa for help in designing it, and Mappa had drawn a picture that resembled a fish, which I followed.

And since it was shaped like a fish, it moved very quickly underwater. 

But since it was the same size as humans, it was quite intimidating.

Furthermore, it had large fins that allowed it to move on land.

I called it Number 16. I suppose these types of Golems could now be called Diver Golems.

Now that we had confirmed that it could move in the water, it was time to make the huge Golem.

Well, while it would be in the water, only its feet would be submerged.

In human terms, it would just be getting its ankles wet.

And so I took a few people by boat and we headed to an area that was a short distance away from the reclaimed ground.

Erevan was with us, and he now turned to me and said,

“Chief. Did you decide on what shape it will be?”

“Yeah. This one will be in the shape of a very intimidating man.”

“In that case… Why not make a statue of me?!”

Upon hearing this suggestion, Fule growled.

“Why would you do that to us! It’s not only embarrassing, but surely a statue should be modeled after the most important person in the tribe!”

“I-I see… Well, it could be my body and the Chief’s head…”

“No! That’s just gross!”

The parent and child were fighting.

However, I would also be embarrassed if it was a statue of me…

Besides, it was also hard to visualize myself…

Fule was adamant though, and Erevan soon gave in.

That being said, I did feel a little bad for Erevan. After all, he was very proud of his muscles.

“Then… I could just model the body after you? And the head will just be random. Like the statues in temples. Surely you wouldn’t mind that, Fule?”

“Uh, I suppose…”

She finally gave her consent, and Erevan wept with joy.

“Chi-Chief… I will never forget this debt! Now, I will show you my most glorious pose!”

“Uh, thanks.”

And so Erevan held his axe and posed in a way that accentuated his muscles.

I would use him as a model to create a giant Golem in the sea. Well, as it was a Golem, the pose would be changing constantly.

So, about materials… Since this was mainly just to scare people, I might as well use rocks as the base. That seemed like the best material to use if it was going to match the size of the World Tree.

But then again, it would be more aesthetic if the World Tree was the tallest thing here… So I should make it a little shorter. Maybe…60 meters…

And I could use gold for the muscles.

And with the Magic Stones, I would have it use fire magic and Shield.

Then it could hold an iron axe and it would have Shining Stone eyes… Yes, so it can be a lighthouse as well.

Was I being too ambitious…? In the first place, could I really make something that was so big?

Well, we weren’t planning on having it move around, so I should just make the legs very thick, so it will be stable.

At worst, I could just make alterations to it later.

That being said, failure could mean that it would fall over. That would be dangerous.

The impact might cause tidal waves that I would have to stop with magic.

It would affect the boats too. And everyone would have to move far away from the beach. Though, I doubted it would come to that.

In any case, I created a Shield around us and got to work.

“Alright, now it’s just the shape…”

Now that I knew what materials to use, I opened my eyes in order to look at Erevan.

But, instead…

“Hey, Mappa! Stop getting in the way! I’m the model!”

Erevan’s voice thundered. However, I had already willed the construction of the Golem.


The thing that appeared before my eyes was not Erevan.

Instead, it was Mappa, who had just butted in. His eyes were rolled up into his head, and he was making peace signs with both of his hands.

As the great glow faded over the ocean, a giant statue of Mappa had been born.

Those eyes and hands…

Erevan let out a defeated cry that echoed across the water. Regardless, it was the day that Sheorl island had its second landmark after the World Tree.

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  1. Oh god that sounds horrifying. A giant golem statue of Mappa with its eyes rolled back into his head doing double peace signs. It’ll be even worse if the rest follows Heal’s original plan where the golem continuously does different poses like SIDE CHESTO!!!

  2. Oh no… just half imagining and already taking damage. A goblin with mucles is still better, but Mappa has to make things much more……….. interesting.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    [Instead, it was Mappa, who had just butted in. His eyes were rolled up into his head, and he was making peace signs with both of his hands.

    As the great glow faded over the ocean, a giant statue of Mappa had been born.]

    And thus, a towering god of destruction had been born.

    This is like a spinoff of The Iron Giant, dubbed The Gold Giant.

    • [Said Ashton in Haines. They too looked at the mountain of stones in awe.]
      * in —> and

      [And then, when the Underwater Golems was ready, I had it advance into the water.]
      * was —> were

  4. Yes, of course. Waste your resources on a showy and fake defense instead of creating practical defenses. Naive Japanese MCs who does everything they can to avoid conflicts instead of dealing with problems. This is even worse than the death star. At least that thing could do things.

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