Cave King – 71

Chapter 71 – I trained!


“Lord Heal, that statue. Are you really fine with it?”

Fule muttered as we descended to the underground through the railway.

“Uh, I don’t think I would say I’m fine…”

The giant Golem I had made yesterday by the shore of Sheorl Island.

The plan had been to model the body after Erevan, but due to Mappa suddenly appearing in front of me before I made it, both the body and face had turned into Mappa.

Yes, it was a Mappa Golem with rolled back eyes and doing the peace sign.

Erevan had howled at the sky before crumbling onto the ground.

He must have thought that there was no going back now.

However, I told him that I could still make alterations and fix it.

But then we suddenly heard a commotion coming from the reclaimed ground. And so I turned to look.

Many people had gathered there.

They were the goblin, kobold, and orc children.

At the time, I had no idea what they were saying. But it was clear that it had to do with the sudden appearance of the Mappa Golem.

Upon hearing them, the Mappa Golem stopped doing the peace sign, and instead moved on to other strange poses.

It flexed its muscles…puffed out its chest, and blew kisses…

This seemed to be well received. The children had decided that they liked the Mappa statue.

Once Erevan realized this, ‘I lost,’ was all that he could mutter.

And so the Mappa statue had been left as it was.

However, I did try to at least make it maintain its pose of raising the axe high into the air… But its eyes remained rolled back, and its jaw was slack.

“Well, for me personally, I would have found a statue of my father to be more embarrassing. So I’m glad.”

So, Fule was among those that preferred it to stay this way.

His own daughter… I was starting to feel bad for Erevan. I would have to make it up to him somehow.

As I thought about it, the train reached the lowest part of the cave.

Here, there was a giant, square-shaped chamber.

The place where we had defeated all of the Golems.

It had been littered with fragments after the battle, but everything was cleaned up now.

A few monsters were currently inside, and they were either wiping the floors or creating parts for the railroad.

“Now, let’s dig from here today. Still, it would be a waste to not do anything about all of this space.”

It took about three minutes of walking to reach the back from where we were.

That meant it was the same size as the largest hall in the royal palace.

“I wonder if we could use it for something… In the first place, what was this room used for?”

I turned to look at Shiel, who always followed me.

Shiel was silent for a while as if troubled. And then the mark of a shield appeared on her body.

Fule looked puzzled.

“Does that mean it’s dangerous?”

“Maybe there is something dangerous here. So I should use Shield?”

Shiel nodded.

“Alright then… I will put up a Shield.”

And so I surrounded us and the other monsters in the area with Shield.

Once Shiel saw this, she headed for the center of the chamber. And so I followed her.

When we reached the center, Shiel began to hit the floor with her body.

And then a square stone appeared from the floor and hovered in the air.

Shiel touched it…

“…Huh? I suddenly feel heavy?”

“You’re right. I feel like I’m being weighed down…”

Fule was feeling the same sensation.

Shiel then took the stone and started to move towards the entrance.

And then she gestured for Fule to take one step out of the area.

“You want me to move out? Okay… Oh!”

Fule started hopping around.

“I’m light! Was I always this light?”

“I see… So I really do feel heavier when I am in this area.”

Shiel nodded. Then she raised the stone again, and the area returned to normal.

And then, just for a second, the room was filled with a blizzard, with fire, thunderous rain, and strong winds.

Of course, Shield was blocking all of it. But it also seemed like Shiel was also holding back a little.

“I see…so you can create all kinds of environments here. But why would you want to do that?”

I asked. And then what looked like two little hands stretched out of Shiel and began to thrust forward like fists.

“You mean it was for training?”

Shiel nodded.

“I see. So those Golems were for battle training then…”

They were tough and could absorb magic.

And they did not break easily.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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