Shatei Kyokufuri – 4

Data.4 Old bowman, birth


I selected ‘Archer’ in the window and switched jobs.

Since this was still the beginning of the game, you could switch as much as you wanted.


After seeing my status, I understood why it wasn’t very popular.

The stat distribution just seemed very middling.

Especially compared to Mages.

◆ Status

Name: Kyuji

Job: Mage

Lv: 1/20

HP: 20/20

MP: 20/20

Attack: 3     

Defense: 3

Magic Attack: 22     

Magic Defense: 16

Speed: 6 

Miracle: 0

Skill: None

It was like a magic version of the Warrior.

You were skilled with magic attacks but had low HP. However, high magic defense meant you could deal with magic attacks.

It was easy to understand.

As for the special skill, ‘Miracle,’ when activated, it raised the force and effectiveness of magic.

Furthermore, there was also a chance of it cutting down your MP depletion to 0.

And while I didn’t have much trust in skills that only triggered if you were lucky, its effect was still powerful.

And then you had the Archer stats.

◆ Status

Name: Kyuji

Job: Archer

Lv: 1/20

HP: 50/50

MP: 50/50

Attack: 15     

Defense: 8

Magic Attack: 10     

Magic Defense: 6

Speed: 11 

Range: 0

Skill: None

Inferior to the Warrior in physical.

Inferior to the Mage in magic.

The only thing it had was speed, but it wasn’t much ahead either.

In the first place, this was an action game. There was no turn-based battle system.

So the effects of raised speed were ‘being faster on your feet’ and ‘feeling lighter.’

While it meant you could move faster and it would be easier to dodge attacks, it was really up to the player’s skill, to be honest.

In other words…it wasn’t as meaningful to someone like me.

My final hope then…was the unique status, ‘Range.’

And so it was with a feeling of desperation that I read out the description.

“Your range is extended by 1 meter per point… That’s it?”

Well, it was pretty easy to understand.

The other statuses tended to blur just how things were calculated.

Hmm. Nevermind that.

So, how was it?

Was this good? Bad?

In this game, you received ‘upgrade points’ when leveling up. And you could use these points to raise your status.

You received 5 points for every level up.

In other words, if I put all of them into Range, the number would go up by 5.

Which would extend my shooting range by 5 meters.

10 levels would extend it by 50 meters…

However, this was just a number that was added to the abilities that your weapon already had.

So if I was using a weapon that already had incredible range, I might be able to attack things that are hundreds of meters away.



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