Cave King – 49

Chapter 49 – There was a white pigeon!


“A-a bird!?”


It had appeared on my shoulder out of nowhere, and was currently licking and pecking my cheek.


“A seagull… No, it’s too small. Well, it’s probably a baby.”


Just like Kamyu, I had also thought it was a seagull at first.


It had a white body and a yellow beak…the same traits of a seagull.


However, seagulls had black or gray in their wings. But this bird’s wings were pure white.

On top of that, it had eyes that were red like rubies…


“It’s not exactly like a seagull… But it does seem familiar.”


Seagulls were common on this island.

And this was no seagull.


Besides, since when were seagulls this friendly?


And so I gently grabbed the white bird that was rubbing against my cheek, and held it towards my chest.


Ril suddenly appeared out of nowhere and began to play with the little bird.

Hmm… It was very cute. I could feel my face contort into a silly smile.


Just then, Ashton, who had come to see the ship, noticed the little bird.


“Ah! Lord Heal. You caught a pigeon!”

“A pigeon… Oh, I see! It’s a pigeon!”


As a kobold, Ashton was a veteran when it came to hunting.

And so he knew a lot about birds and fish. He knew immediately that the little bird was a pigeon.


The little bird had the same puffed out chest that pigeons were known for having.

However, it also looked a little fat compared to the sleek shape of most pigeons.


“Still, we are so far from the continent. Why is a pigeon suddenly here…”


Ashton said with a tilt of his head. Kamyu looked like she had just realized something.


“Indeed. It is rare to see pigeons at sea. Perhaps it is lost.”

“That may be the case. But, it would be amazing if something so small was able to fly all of the way here.”


Now that I thought about it, I hadn’t seen a single pigeon since I came to this island.

As the others had said, the only birds that seemed to visit us here were seagulls or Killer Birds.

That being said, I sometimes did see migratory birds recently.


Haines was also with Ashton, and he now opened his mouth,


“Still, I have rarely seen a pigeon that is this white.”

“Haines. I don’t know a lot about birds. But are there white pigeons?”

“Yes. Not just pigeons, but most kinds of birds. However, it’s rare to see any that are this white.”


Haines answered me. Then he turned to Ashton.


“A pigeon, eh? Well, it’s no chicken, but it could still be a decent source of food.”

“Hmm. But it’s too small to get much meat from it. And it won’t lay any eggs by itself…”


‘That’s true,’ agreed Haines.


They saw birds as food… Well, they weren’t exactly wrong.


However, when it was this small, I couldn’t really associate it with food.

After all, it looked especially adorable as it pecked at Ril’s cheek.


The two fluffy things felt warm against my chest… Had I ever seen a happier sight?


“You two! You’re always talking about food! As if we could eat such an adorable thing! Isn’t that right!?”


Kamyu said as she offered her hand to the white pigeon.

However, the little bird just hid inside of my shirt.


“Oh, it’s so young, but already bashful because of my charms!”

“Uh, Miss Kamyu, I don’t think…”


‘What!’ Kamyu roared back at Ashton.


As for me, I was shaking.

This was because it tickled when the white pigeon moved around in my shirt.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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