Cave King – 49


“Hey! That tickles! …Ah.”


As I held back my laughter, I noticed that there were some white fragments on the ground.

They looked like they were from a cracked egg…


“Could it be… Ril. Where’s your egg?”


When I asked Ril, she pulled the bird’s wing so that it stuck its head out of my shirt again.


Then she patted it on the back as if she were introducing it to me.


“You’re telling me that it hatched from that egg? Uh, I don’t know. That seems a little…”


Who knows how many years it had been buried there?

It had to have been longer than a few years.


And as far as I was aware, eggs went bad in less than a month.


I was very confused, but then the white dove rubbed up against me again. And then I heard a voice echo in my head.


<<There is a tamable monster. Will you tame it?>>


“…A monster?”


I looked around.


Ril had already been tamed.

The only one here that hadn’t been tamed was the bird.


Not only that, but I sensed magic power in the bird that was higher than the orcs that were here.


If it was a monster’s egg, that might explain why it was able to survive so long down there… No, not really. However, it clearly wasn’t an ordinary pigeon. So there was a chance that it had survived somehow.


Both Ril and the white pigeon were looking up at me quizzically.


Apparently, I had made them anxious.


And so I petted them in order to calm them down.


“Sorry, sorry. …Uh, a name.”


I didn’t know if this white pigeon would be able to talk.


However, judging by how friendly it was, it seemed to have recognized Ril and me as its family.

And so it was probably a good idea to tame it and watch it grow.




…What was a good name?

Seeing them together like this, they were like siblings.


“…Ral. No, something that sounds softer… Mal, Mel… Yes, let’s go with Mel!”


Upon hearing this, the white bird spread out its wings.

Apparently, it liked the sound of that name.


“It’s nice to meet you, Mel!”


Mel moved up to my face and started gently pecking me again.


And like that, a new friend had joined the island.

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  1. Yeah there was no way that the bird hatching from such an old egg was just a pigeon. Still I wonder what it is exactly. I can’t think of any mythical birds that are pure white.

  2. hmm googling white mythological birds pops up a roman bird called caladrius, lives in kings houses, taking sickness into itself and then flying away to the sun to purify it, healing both it and the sick person

  3. In addition to the other comments, the red eyed raven is also another possibility. They’re solid white, red eyes and a servant of death. When they show up someone dies. Although that seems a bit heavy for this story.

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