Cave King – 50

Chapter 50 – It ate a lot!


“Wait a minute…I’ll give you some food.”


I was currently sitting in front of the bonfire and breaking up some fish into smaller pieces on a plate.


Ril the kobold baby and Mel the baby bird, that had just hatched, were perched on my knee and watching with deep interest.


It wasn’t actually dinner time yet, but I thought that Mel might be hungry, and so I ended my mining early today.


“…Alright, it’s ready! Look, Mel. Eat up.”


I put the small flakes of fish on my hand and offered it to Mel.


Mel started to peck at my palm with its beak.

However, it didn’t eat any of the fish.


“Huh? Is it too early for you to eat fish?”


I muttered. Just then, Rienna came with a bowl of soup.


“Maybe it can’t eat fish yet.”

“Now that I think about, I’ve never seen pigeons eating fish…”

“I’ve never seen it either. They seem to only eat beans and grains. In any case, maybe it will drink this soup.”


Rienna said as she sat down next to me. Then she started to blow on the soup.


Mel watched her curiously.


“Mel. I’m cooling it down now, so just wait a while.”


Rienna tasted it a few times to check the temperature.


“…Hmm. I think it’s fine now. Okay, Mel. Come over here.”


Rienna placed Mel on her lap and in front of the soup.


And then Mel hesitantly dipped its beak into the bowl.


However, it seemed to quickly understand that it wasn’t dangerous, and started to drink it greedily.


“Oh, it’s drinking. So it can drink soup.”

“Hehe. You don’t need to drink it so fast. There’s plenty more of it.”


Rienna patted Mel gently on the head.


Rienna really was so reliable..

It was the same when we got Ril. She knew how to treat babies.


As for Ril, she was busy eating the fish in my hand.

She was able to eat fish that still had bones, but I suppose she didn’t want it to go to waste.


Just then, a man with ash-colored skin and black wings approached us from the other side.

He looked like a devil, but he was Baris, a former goblin.


“Oh, is this the baby pigeon that Ashton was talking about?”

“Ah, Baris. That’s right. It’s Mel. Please be nice to it.”

“Ho ho, Mel, is it? Still, it’s rare to see a pigeon that is so white.”

“That’s what Haines said. Oh, by the way, Baris… Can pigeons eat fish?”

“Fish? I never heard that they do… And I’ve seen pigeons around dried fish, but they did not try to eat it… Wait…”


Baris stopped as he looked at my knee.


“Huh? What is it?”


I looked down and saw that Mel was now there…eating the grilled fish.

It had joined Ril at some point and they were nearly finished eating it all.


“…Hmm. Who knew that there were pigeons that also ate fish. Lord Heal, I was wrong.”

“I didn’t know either…”


That being said, the way that Mel ate… It was not what you’d expect from a baby…


The fish in my palm was now gone, but Ril was clearly not satisfied, as she went to the bonfire and grabbed one of the fish that was on a skewer.


Upon seeing this, Mel also jumped off of my knee.


“Hey. Don’t go too close to the fire. It’s dangerous… Huh?”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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