Cave King – 139

Chapter 139 – They left!

The morning after the ship docked at our island, the crew boarded the ship once again in order to return to Sanfaris.

As they prepared to leave, Rienna spoke to my father and Balpas.

“There really is no need for you to rush.”
“No. We too have things that we must do.”

Answered Balpas. I could see that he was desperately trying to avoid someone’s eyes.

It was probably Macha, who stood right behind us as she waved her hand.

But more than anything, father likely wanted to return to the continent as soon as possible because of the prophecy.

The world would one day come to an end. And only Sheorl would be spared…
It was very hard to believe such a thing. However, it was right about me. About someone with the ‘Cave King’ crest becoming the lord of Sheorl.

And as the king of Sanfaris, he must want to prepare for the coming disaster.

And so I said to them,

“If there is anything that I can do… I would like to help the people of Sanfaris.”
“I will hold you to those words. An ambassador will be sent shortly. You should also choose one for Sheorl.”
“Very well. But please send someone with a good understanding of the current situation here.”
“Leave it to me. Farewell, then.”

Balpas said as moved towards the ship. Father walked after him.

However, Rienna suddenly called out to him.

“Your Majesty. About the matter we discussed yesterday…”

Yesterday, after meeting Oren, Rienna and father had discussed something.
Had she asked him a question?

He answered.

“I’ve said it before, but Heal and I are now on equal standing. And so I will not interfere in his affairs.”
“But…you are still his father.”
“…Well, Rienna. What would you do if I objected to it?”
“You wouldn’t give up, would you? In that case, you should pay me no mind.”

Rienna gulped and then nodded.

Whatever they were talking about…it seemed rather important.

Father then muttered as if to himself.

“Well, I would like to see the face of a grandchild… Balpas, aren’t you going to take her?”

As Rienna’s face brightened a little, father’s gaze turned to Macha, who was still waving at Balpas.


Balpas said coldly, and he tried to make his way to the ship.

However, in the end, Macha grabbed him for a final kiss, and Balpas had to run into his room on the ship in order to escape her.
If this continued, Macha might just end up going with them. But Mappa managed to pull her back onto the docks.

And like that, the ship left Sheorl.

I sighed with relief as it disappeared into the horizon.

“Haah… At least there will be no war with Sanfaris now.”
“I’m greatly relieved… The king and prince must have seen just how much you wanted to avoid it.”

Rienna said as she stood next to me.

And then Baris said,

“However, this prophecy is very troubling. If it continues to be accurate, your father and the people of Sanfaris might have a change of heart…”

Yes. If Sanfaris experienced great losses, they may no longer see us in the same light.

Not only that. If something happened on a world scale, then who knew how our relationship with other countries would change?

“You’re right, Baris. We will have to be ready for anything.”

And with this renewed resolve…I decided to focus on mining.

However, it wasn’t for myself. If the end of the world was approaching, then there was a lot we had to do in order to prepare. I would likely have to help not just those on this island, but people outside of it as well.

But was that even possible?
No. Sheorl alone was safe from the disaster. In other words…

—I had to continue to dig. Dig and dig and dig.

And so I grabbed my pickaxe and headed underground.

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The Cave King Will Live a Paradise Life -Becoming the Strongest With the Mining Skill?-

The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  2. Sounds like Rienna was discussing her marriage to Heal’s father to try and get his blessing.

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