Cave King – 138

Chapter 138 – Things were settled!

That night, after speaking with my father, long tables and chairs were brought out onto the pier.

Purple cloth was laid out on the tables. The cloth was made from Cave Spider webs and dyed using Satan Shellfish.

The tables had an assortment of food that was acquired on this island.

While some were fish that would be familiar to people from Sanfaris, there were also unusual dishes made of Scissor Crabs and Killer Birds as well.
There were also large baskets of fruit that were picked on this island.

The ship’s crew sat down in their seats and looked at all of this in astonishment.

“How can such food be prepared on this island…”
“And this tableware. Iron…or is it silver?”

It had all been made by Mappa and his apprentices. And while they were made of iron, they looked expensive due to their intricate engravings.

However, father and Balpas were given gold plates and utensils. I had ordered this so as not to give offense.

Balpas couldn’t stop looking at the golden plate.

“I-I can see my own face… So this too was made by that hairy old man…”

Balpas saw that Mappa was standing proudly behind him, and sweat dripped from his forehead.

In any case, all the food had now been served, and Rienna addressed them.

“Now, everyone. Please eat. I hope that it’s to your liking…”
“Thank you!”

The crew began to gobble down the food before Rienna could finish talking.

“Delicious! I’ve never eaten something so good…”
“Scissor Crabs are a rare delicacy.”

It looked like they were all enjoying our island’s food.
I had been worried, since we didn’t have flour and other grains, but it was for nothing.

And so I sighed with relief.
However, Rienna looked anxious as she gazed towards my father.

Seeing this, I tried to reassure her.

“Don’t worry. Your cooking is the best in the whole world.”
“Lo-Lord Heal… Th-thank you.”

She said a little bashfully.

It was then that father picked up his fork and knife and slowly began to cut up his Killer Bird meat.
Then he took a bite and became very silent.

Rienna gulped as she waited.

And then he slowly opened his mouth.

“…It’s good.”

Balpas looked very surprised as he heard this.

Not only was father not one to show any emotion on his face, but he also didn’t talk about what he was feeling.
Balpas was surprised to hear such a straightforward reaction.

After that, Balpas tasted the Killer Bird and agreed, quickly taking a second and third bite.

“…Phew. Thank goodness.”

Rienna sighed with relief.

Next, everyone was served some wine. It was taken out from the underground cellar, and we decided to offer them just a little.

According to Shiel, we just needed to grow some grapes, and then we could produce more wine with the machine in the cellar. And so I didn’t mind sharing some of it.

It was the monsters who poured the wine into the glasses.
I was worried the crew would object to this at first, but they all seemed very pleased as they held out their cups.

As for Balpas, it was Mappa’s identical twin, Macha, who poured wine into his cup.

“I-it’s you, Macha. Thank you.”

He said a little frantically.

When the cup was filled, Balpas tried to pick it up.
However, Macha quickly got a hold of him.

“Oh, wa-wait! N-not here! I-I promise to play with you later!”
“Hm? You have a new lover already?”

Father asked him.

“N-no, that’s not what this is…he-hey…”

Father saw that Macha was kissing Balpas now, and he said,

“Hmm, the time is ripe. It is important that you settle down soon. I am usually not one to interfere with the affairs of my children, but as you are now my successor, I will order you now. You will marry this girl.”
“Y-you can’t be serious!! Why must I marry this thing! Also, did you just say something terribly important as if it was nothing!?”
“I think it will deepen the relationship between our countries… No, no, it will not be that simple.”

Father’s eyes turned to something else.
It was Mappa. His face was a scorching red as he glared angrily at Balpas.

“So she’s your lover! Don’t worry, I have no intention of…ah!”

Mappa had taken out a fan and tried to hit Balpas with it. Balpas stood up and dodged the attack.

The fan was made out of leaves from the World Tree, and did not look very lethal.

Macha then hid behind Balpas as if she were scared.

Father said,

“If you wish to be with her, you have no choice but to fight. You are a man of Sanfaris.”
“Wait! I really have no interest in this hairball! Hey!”

And like this, Balpas and Mappa’s fight began.
Of course, it was nothing serious for either of them…though Mappa’s anger was probably real.

But the crew clearly believed it to be part of the night’s entertainment, and they shouted ‘get him!’ as they watched.

I wondered if I should still cast Shield on them, just in case…

Well, in spite of everything, everyone seemed to be comfortable together.
Perhaps sailors, who often moved from country to country, were more capable of getting along with others.

In any case, it was a relief…

Father said that they would be leaving this island tomorrow.
We made the agreement, and everything had been resolved. Yes, everything…

“Lord Heal. Is something wrong?”

Rienna looked at me with concern.

“Huh? No, not really…”
“Are you…thinking about Oren?”

I was. Sometimes it was like Rienna could read my mind.

“According to Elto, he doesn’t need to eat in that body, but…”
“Well, he is your brother… Why don’t you go and see him?”
“Yes, I think I will.”
“Then I will go with you.”

Rienna said, and then she glanced towards Baris.
Baris nodded understandingly. He would take care of things in our absence.

And so the two of us headed to the storage house where Oren was being kept.

Elto and some other monsters that took care of him were also there.

Elto was holding the small Lopez to her chest.
Lopez waved his hands upon seeing me.

However, Oren was curled up in the corner.

“Don’t look at me!! No one should look at me!! I won’t tell you anything!”

In spite of what he said, there was always medicine that could be used.
I doubted that Balpas would use anything unethical, but it would still be difficult for everyone involved.
I would prefer to not have to go down that road. I wanted the truth to come to light as soon as possible.

“Oren… When you return to the continent, I want you to confess to everything you’ve done up until now.”

Oren did not answer.
Well, I would just say my part then.

“Oren. I don’t know what punishment awaits you there, but it won’t be enough considering your crimes. …However, if you swear to spend the rest of your life trying to make amends, and you confess everything, and if you are one day free…”

I doubted such a day would come. Even if he somehow escaped the death penalty, he would likely be imprisoned for life.

Still, I just wanted to say this to him…

“You can come and visit us. We will accept you.”

I wanted to accept anyone that wanted to be accepted. Even if that person was once an enemy.

However, upon hearing these words, Oren burst into laughter.

“Accept me? How would that benefit you!?”
“It’s not a matter of benefitting. That is just what Sheorl is.”
“I…I can’t understand you. Well, it doesn’t matter. That day will never come.”
“There is a small possibility.”
“No, there is not. Now…leave me alone.”

Oren said as he curled up in the corner again.

“…Elto, please continue to watch him.”
“Leave it to me, master. Huh?”

Lopez then jumped out of Elto’s arms and flew over to Oren. Then he gently patted him on the head.
Oren didn’t reject him. He just shook.

Oren was the one who had tormented Lopez. And now Lopez was showing him kindness… What was Oren thinking now?

I had no more words for him. It was up to him.

“…Let’s go, Rienna.”
“Yes, Lord Heal.”

And so we left the storage house.

I turned to Rienna and asked,

“Do you think that I’m wrong?”
“No, Lord Heal. A place where everyone is welcome…that is Sheorl. I think even Oren will understand how you feel. Surely he will have a change of heart.”

I nodded at Rienna’s words.



Once Heal and Rienna were gone, Elto said to Oren,

“He is a kind brother… Perhaps if you confess to your sins…”
“…No. I will never return to this island again.”
“Heal is right. You do not know what the future holds.”
“It’s not that. This place…someone like me should not be allowed to be here.”

As Oren talked, Lopez offered him an apple.
However, Oren shook his head and then bowed to Lopez.

“…I’ve done things to you that are unforgivable. Not just you, but I’ve taken so many lives… The place that I’m going to is already decided. It is there that I will repent for eternity.”

Upon hearing this, Elto nodded with satisfaction.

“…It is the path you have decided for yourself. And I commend you for it. I’ll tell my friends about you if I meet them. After all, even if you die, you are still my thrall.”
“Thank you. Though what you say is harsh, I will accept it.”

After that, Oren stopped shouting and shaking.

Later, after returning to the continent, Oren confessed to all of his crimes and wished for a public trial and the death penalty.

It was said that during the trial, he was attacked multiple times by past victims and their families. His appearance and the list of crimes also caused spectators to throw stones at him.
However, Oren did not try to hide himself or run away.

After that, while his identity as being part of the royal family was still hidden, Oren was executed, just as he had wished.

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  1. I feel bad for Balpas. Being ordered to marry Matcha. He should just take a dive in his “fight” with Mappa over Matcha. Who cares how it makes Sanfaris look. Actually can a ryukin-coated golem like Matcha even have children?

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  2. Well, he repented, but not only is this very late, it feels forced. Anyway, glad this mess is over, and I wouldn’t like it if the story wasted too much time on Oren’s past, or his perspective.
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    • yes after all of that madness and hate oren showed to heal, and then he suddenly repent like that, its making the story feel so forced

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