Jack of all Trades – 329

Market Disturbance

After getting a good night’s rest, Daniela and I were able to go to the market that we hadn’t been able to the previous day. While I had been exhausted and had a headache before going to bed, I felt fully refreshed after sleeping. Perhaps it was because I was still young.

The Usk market spread out along the river. Boats carried goods to the narrow wharf, and they went straight to the storage houses.

Of course, guards stood by as the goods came in, and there were inspections to ensure that no illegal items were included. Things like dangerous medicines and poisons. In fact, possession of the Chain Ore that Daniela had was also restricted.
Long ago, many people had been bound by the power that the ore held, and terrible things had been done by bad people.

Of course, Daniela would not use it in that way. Luckily, we had been able to acquire new materials after killing a wind dragon, and so she had new equipment. So those gauntlets were wasting away in storage. We couldn’t exactly sell them, after all.

In any case, the market proved to be very crowded when we arrived. Merchants shouted the prices of their wares at the top of their lungs while customers haggled over prices. At a glance, you might wonder if a brawl was about to break out. But no one actually seemed to be phased. It was clear that this was just an everyday sight.

“So, where shall we begin?”
“First, I want spices, so I can cook the best meals for you.”
“I once heard that the best spice is an empty stomach.”
“Perhaps you’re willing to skip your next meal then?”
“Haha. You are very amusing, Asagi.”

Daniela said as she jabbed me. But her eyes weren’t smiling. Hey, you started it!

We moved through the tight crowds and checked out a few of the stores that caught our interest. There were stores that sold and measured spices in wooden boxes in order to avoid the wind. I also bought some dried seeds and nuts that were ungrounded. They were sold with a pestle and mortar as a set. These people were good at making you buy additional things. I was clearly still bad with money.

Almost everything we saw and bought was due to my hobby. But we had plenty of time left.

“I guess we could get some breakfast now.”
“In that case…”

Daniela turned around. Apparently, there was a place that had caught her interest. There were street stalls that sold food here as well. Perhaps Daniela had only come with me because she was targeting them.

And so I followed after her. An appetizing scent was accompanied by the sizzling of meat. I had started to feel tired from all the walking, and my body wanted it.

“I will have two of these.”
“Thank you!”

I looked over Daniela’s shoulder and saw that it was some kind of fried noodle dish. It had meat and vegetables inside and looked amazing. The smell of spices in the air informed me that it would be hot.

“That will be forty coppers.”
“Here you are.”
“Hmm…yes, perfect. Thank you!”

Counting forty coins just for that. The currency was one thing that was a little annoying about this world. I suppose the Heroes that came here in the past were unable to make paper money the standard.

“Here you go, Asagi.”
“Thanks. Where should we eat?”
“These kinds of things should be eaten in the area.”
“You have a good point.”

There was something to be said about the atmosphere of the place. It could greatly enhance to taste of the food you were eating.
In fact, the fried noodles turned out to be very good. We would definitely have to buy more for the road. And yes, it was spicy as hell.

□   □   □   □

After finishing our breakfast, we decided to part ways and raid the stores on our own.

“Let me know if you find anything good.”
“Aye. And let me know if you find any promising food.”
“Uh, sure.”

It was important to have some alone time every once in a while.

And so I held my skewer of what was some kind of rice cake with sweet sauce, which I would definitely be telling Daniela about, and wandered around.

“You! Isn’t that from my store!!”
“Shut your mouth! What gave you that idea, eh?!”

I bumped into people that were arguing angrily. From what I could see, there was a man who looked like an Adventurer, and he was holding what was presumably a product from the store. Shoplifting. Manager had told me a few stories about shoplifters.

As the convenience store was near the train station, and not exactly the safest neighborhood, we fell victim every once in a while.

One night when I arrived for my shift, one of the other part-timers told me that someone had been shoplifting. I asked Manager about it, and she then showed us the security camera footage.

What I saw on the display was an old man carrying a magazine as he ran out of the store so fast that I could barely see what was happening.

And then Manager jumped over the counter and chased after him at full speed.

Damn, that’s a terrible idea. I had thought, but three minutes later, she had him by the collar as she dragged him back inside of the store.

“You caught up? And you dragged him back with one hand?”
“I’ve been training.”

She said with a laugh. But I knew that it was something I wouldn’t have been able to do. In fact, it was something part-timers shouldn’t even attempt.

But nevermind that.

“I’m the only one who sells such swords here! The other merchants all know this! That’s proof enough!”

The old man was a weapons merchant then. When I thought of morning markets, I tended to imagine vegetables and fish. But in this world, they sold weapons as well. And these were apparently imported. Perhaps he had seen the rare weapons as he walked by…and then swiped one.

“Shut up… Is your name written on it? Is it?”

The man unsheathed the sword and raised it so that it caught the light.

“Bastard. There is no name on that blade…”

The man glared at the storekeeper.


This was no good at all. I immediately activated Legs of the God Wolf.

“I don’t see it anywhere!!”

The sunlight reflected on the blade as it slashed downward. However, my Ice Sword caught it in mid-swing. A high-pitched ring echoed in the air. And then silence fell over the scene.

“Mmm…mm…ggg… Ahh. You. The hell are you doing?”

I had forgotten that I was still eating. Still, I was calm enough to chew quietly and swallow without becoming frantic.

“…And who are you! What hole did you crawl out of!?”
“Just an Adventurer that was passing through. You know, you’re making us look bad. So I had to interfere.”
“Shut up! You’re clearly a wretched peasant, judging by the way you’re dressed!”

Indeed, I had dressed quite simply today, as we would just be walking through the market. But these were still made from dragon materials! I happened to like simple and minimalist designs. How dare this bastard call them wretched!

“Alright, you succeeded in making me angry. I suppose I’ll have to take you to Bacon’s now.’
“What the hell are you talking about…huh?”

As he had stooped so low as to insult my clothes, I used my free hand to bind the man with ice magic. It was the same technique that I used at the noblewoman’s mansion.
The ice spread instantly, and while the man frantically tried to escape, I was also using the Ice Sword to freeze him from his arms as well.

“Maybe next time you’ll think twice before commenting on someone’s fashion.”

He might have been guilty over shoplifting or whatever as well. But that was just secondary to me. His other sin was more unforgivable.

Now he was covered from neck to toe. And while he screamed angrily for me to free him, that didn’t last long. The cold did wonders for sapping away his energy. Well, he wouldn’t die from it. So I would just call Bacon and have him taken away.

“Hey, old man. Your sword.”
“…Oh, uh, ah, thank you. That was impressive…”

I wasn’t going to be modest anymore. This was the age where I would see my own worth. No one liked a protagonist who was modest and thick-headed. Not that I was a protagonist or anything.

As the old man gave me a brief rundown of what had happened, Bacon and some other guards pushed their way through the crowds and came towards us. They even brought a cart. How thoughtful. I caught Bacon’s eyes and then waved at him. He nodded seriously. Clearly he was in work mode.

“They told me some Adventurer was causing a scene and then got iced.”
“Well, as you can see…”

I pointed at the blue-lipped man.

“I’m going to have to hear everything so that I can write a report. It’s part of my job, you see. Still, what a surprise this is…”

Bacon sighed with exasperation. He had heard about the ruckus and had come prepared. But seeing the frozen Adventurer had left him in shock.

“Well, see ya. I’ve got more browsing to do.”
“You better stay out of any further trouble, Asagi.”
“That old man would have been in real trouble if I hadn’t been around.”
“And for that, I thank you. …But, the warning was me speaking as a friend. You should leave such work to us.”

I had just started to walk back into the crowd, but I paused when I heard this.

“…Alright. Next time, I’ll use overwhelming force to annihilate him.”
“That’s not what I meant, you idiot! Damn you… Are you really leaving tomorrow?”
“Yeah. We’ll call you. And thanks.”

We shook hands. …Yes, I’m glad that no one was hurt.
What a relief.

While I had been interrupted, it was time to return to exploring the market. I needed more material to report to Daniela later on.

…That being said, those swords that the old man was selling really were something. Though, I had seen them before…

“Katanas…how nostalgic.”

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