Jack of all Trades – 241

Sacred Treasures of the Tree of Life and Death


I tried memorizing the information until my eyes caught a tent where they were passing it out as pamphlets. Perhaps my nerves had caused me to miss it at first…I should calm down.


“They’re passing out pamphlets over there. I’m gonna go get some.”

“Very well.”


Daniela waited as I made my way over to the tent. It was after I had accepted two of them and began to return to Daniela, that I felt someone’s eyes on me.

Once again, it was a tingling, stabbing sensation. No, it couldn’t be my imagination. And so I slowly activated Presence Detection.


“Ah, it’s no use.”


There were too many people. It was a mass of different presences. But I couldn’t see anyone that looked suspicious when searching with my own eyes.


“Damn it…”


It bothered me, but there was nothing I could do. Oh, well…better get back to Daniela.


When I found her, she was eating some fruit on a stick. It looked chilled and delicious.


“What’s that?”

“I bought it.”


But, where’s mine?




I asked her with a look, and she produced a second one. When I bit into it, the juices filled my mouth. It was chilled and very sweet. I loved this kind of fruit…


As we had no reason to stick around, we started walking again as we ate. There were crowds of people around who could have been citizens or tourists. But you could tell that they were all excited about tomorrow’s game. There were people who looked like Adventurers who were already drinking and enjoying the festivities.


It was a lot of noise, but no one was fighting and it was peace itself. Of course, the noblewoman, Alenbia Ef Quingeria, had been condemned for her strategies the other day. But there was nothing like that now. And if you asked me, they should have just taken her guards down and then fought her. It was a battle royal. And she had played within the rules.


“Hey, Daniela.”

“What, Asagi?”

“The real tournament starts tomorrow. Anything on your mind?”

“…Indeed. Well, my first opponent is the lucky boy who we agreed had reached his peak. So, no. I have not thought about it much.”


Well, Daniela sure lucked out in a way.


“The problem is the one after, after that.”

“Really? What about the second fight?”

“Insignificant. The problem is the woman with the ice rapier. She will definitely rise to the top.”


The woman who they said could hit dewdrops falling from a leaf. Levee Badi, White Dew. She would likely beat the noblewoman, Alenbia Ef Quingeria and then beat the spear wielder, Bandi Ree. And then she would appear before Daniela. Or so Daniela said…


“Well, we don’t know what will really happen.”

“Yes… Hmm. Perhaps it is just that I really want to fight her.”

“Because you use the same weapons?”

“Yes. I have used this weapon for many years, but I sense something in her that is a natural gift.”


Daniela said as she caressed the rapier of the tree of life and death. That sword…I had been meaning to ask about it. But I always seemed to forget.


Eve had said something about it back in Nicora. ‘Today, I will finally have your sword and bow. The sacred treasures of the tree of life and death!’ What were these weapons?


“Daniela, about that rapier…”

“The sacred treasure of the Tree of Life and Death?”

“Uh, yeah. Is it a secret?”

“Well, yes. But I should have told you. It must have slipped my mind.”


Yes. I had forgotten as well. I wouldn’t have even asked her now had she not started to touch it.

And she did it with so much affection. Then she raised her face and looked at me. Her eyes were serious.


“We should go back to our room. We can talk there.”

“Yeah, sure.”


She was going to tell me something important. That in itself made me happy. It showed that she trusted me. And since we didn’t have any other plans, we decided to head back for the day. Sometimes it was nice to just talk on your day off.


We bought a little food, including fruit, to take back with us. And then we returned to the lodging facility.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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