Flower Field Demon King – 21

Chapter 21


That evening… As Adelia was in a rush to regain the safety of the village, she ignored the concerns of the others and started the ceremony.

What little offerings the people could spare were brought before the altar. And around it, a mystical smell drifted in the air.


An hour had passed since the ceremony began.

However, there were no signs of God descending.


“I knew it. It was foolish to even think that the evilest woman in the country could call God.”

“So, even God hates her?”

Upon seeing Adelia’s inability to call God, the people began to mutter to each other restlessly.


—O God. Why do you not come down?

Adelia shouted in her heart.


The requirements had been fulfilled. She could feel the presence.

However, there was no answer no matter how many times she called.

It was as if Adleia was being ignored.

—Am I…really hated by them?


While Adelia’s heart was on the verge of breaking, Qudels was silently sweating a cold sweat right next to her.


—It is my fault that the god has not descended.


While Qudels appeared to be human, he was in fact, a Demon King.

And though the current Demon Emperor did not know it, he was as powerful as the upper echelons of gods. In fact, he was stronger than most of the Demon Emperors throughout history.


And so it was no wonder that some puny god would be too scared to come down.

After all, a god that was welcomed to the altar of such a small village like this, was likely to be a very low-ranking god.


That being said, if he did such a thing as erasing his presence so that the gods wouldn’t detect him, the effect would be so strong that Adelia and the others would notice that something was wrong.


—In that case, the only thing to do was to call a high-ranking god.

However, it would have to be an incredibly strong one that would not be intimidated by Qudels.


“…Miss Adelia. Perhaps it is time that I help you?”

“I most definitely refuse!”

Adelia glared at him angrily as she rejected this offer.

She was clearly still sore about the whole conversation regarding the ‘declaration of defeat’ that had happened the other day.


—However, that is all part of the plan.

Just as Adelia rejected him, he chanted very quietly.



At the same moment, the number of flowers decorating the altar increased. But no one noticed it. 

The flowers that Qudels made were not only offerings full of magical energy, they also transformed the energy in the room, which had the effect of connecting the place to the territories of higher gods.


And then, Adelia called the gods once again.


“—It’s coming!”

With this sudden realization, Adelia raised her head. The others all looked at the altar in shock.


“What…is this? The presence is so strong! A mid-rank god? No…this is a high-ranking god! But why!? I didn’t call such a god!!”

Adelia felt the swirl of power above her head, and she couldn’t help but let out a scream.


“It seems to be a rank two god.”

Qudels said as the power grew stronger.


There were nine ranks in all. And rank two meant that it was the second strongest.

The top three were considered to be high-ranking gods, and they would usually not come down to an altar prepared by humans, unless an entire country held a festival in their honor.


However, the god that came down now had the power of a rank two god. That was the undeniable reality.


“Rank t-t-t-t-two!? Imposible!”

“This is bad! We can’t deal with such a god here! If it gets angry, this village will be…no, this whole territory will be destroyed!!”

This wholly unexpected turn of events caused the villagers to scream in fear.

However, they did not have the authority to stop what was happening.


Eventually, the top of the altar was filled with light, and then the light took the shape of a human.

This was the first thing that the god said after arriving:


“Wassup!! Hey, you’re really hot! Are you my priest? Hah, that’s awesome! This is the best!”

The person who stood before Adelia and the chief was a blonde-haired and blue-eyed young caucasian man with a tan.


As for his age, he appeared to be somewhere around eighteen or nineteen?

He had the soft and handsome features of an idol and the musculature of a statue of Apollo.

In a way, he was probably what most men thought to be the ideal form.


But…his clothes were another story.

What he was wearing, was a white thong that barely covered his privates.

His buttocks was mostly exposed.


“Ah, I am Darten! Darten Illuminart! It’s nice to meet you, pretty ladies!!”

Once he was sure he had the room’s full attention, he smiled, allowing his teeth to sparkle as he posed in a way that accentuated his muscles.

Basically, he was a muscular narcissist.


…And his personality seemed flippant. Too flippant.

This god had the same smell as those young men who spent all their time in town trying to attract women.


“Uh, why do you all look so disappointed? Especially you with the glasses. You should see yourself.”

He repeated his gestures as if he wanted them to worship him with more enthusiasm, but no one gave him the desired reaction.

Instead, Qudels looked at him seriously and shouted.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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