Ryusousha – 4

Chapter 4


Patron, I see.

I understood now.


While he was a trading merchant from another country, he had settled down in Ryukoku.

He bought an old mansion and spent a fortune adding a magic barrier.

It was not likely that he would be leaving this town at any time soon.


As for his business, it was quite expansive, and many locals worked for him.

It seemed that it was doing well.


Yes, in scale, he would be considered a great merchant.

So I had no complaints about him being a patron.


“It seems like the young, up-and-coming master was disliked back in Shoukoku.”

Said my brother in law.


“Oh, right. He’s from Shoukoku.”

Well, he came from Makoku, but he was originally from Shoukoku.


“He worked hard to extend the market. And he still has a few stores in Makoku as well. However, clearly, he didn’t feel like staying there. He chose Ryukoku for his final resting place.”


Well, that’s the impression I got after all of the searching I did.

He must have had a hard time in Shoukoku.


While selling a large variety of products might sound good on paper, it had actually been the result of not being allowed to sell the most lucrative products.

He had been treated coldly by the others for over 10 years.


“So, the start line for him was much farther back in Shoukoku. Not only that, but he alone had obstacles in his lane. And yet he was able to expand his business without resorting to lawbreaking. It’s quite impressive.”


Even I had to admit it.

No bribery or trickery. No illegal products.

I had only found records of honest transactions.


“No, that’s not what I meant.”

My brother said with a grin.


He was clearly up to no good.

Depending on how bad it was, I would have to tell my sister about it.


“Didn’t the master of the mansion have a daughter? How was she?”

“What do you mean?”


“Was she pretty? Beautiful? Shapely, kind, honest, elegant… Also, would you see her as a good wife?”


“That’s what you’re thinking about!!”


Indeed, there had been such a person.

Her face…well, it was fine… Okay, she was quite beautiful.




“This seems way too convenient a way of getting a patron!”


I nearly shouted.

It was the middle of the night.


“…Well, there is still a whole year left. You’ll find one soon. The one you are fated to be with.”


“Hmph. Someone like my sister?”



Ugh, I was being sarcastic.


“…By the way, what kind of magic barrier was protecting the mansion? I heard that it was the latest type from Makoku. It seems a little excessive for a single mansion. But Her Majesty is very curious about this barrier.”


Yes, it had been quite annoying to get through.

But, the latest?

It practically announced every trap in my path.


“I went through the shadows a few times, so I don’t know everything. But I can write down what I do remember.”


I didn’t watch the place for 10 days for nothing.


“Then give me as much of the details as you can. Yes, this will aid all intelligence activities within the country. There are several other buildings with the same barrier. And since we didn’t know what kind of traps were set up, only the people who were able to ‘Shadow Cross’ their way in could get inside.”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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