Ryusousha – 13

Chapter 13


“Well, it’s Harui that we’re talking about. He’s probably just sulking, isn’t he?”



She was suddenly acting very familiar, but this was still the Queen.

I had to answer everything she asked.


But this was about my father. I wasn’t sure how I should answer.

I mean…what exactly was their relationship, anyway?


“Uhh… My father is doing very well.”

No! I couldn’t find an answer.


“So, you haven’t heard anything?”

“Yes. I’m terribly sorry…”


Did he have such a close friendship with the Queen?

I hadn’t heard of this!


“I see. That’s fine then. …Oh, by the way, Leon.”

“Your Majesty.”


“How did you get here?”

She changed the subject so quickly.


“I used the underground waterway that connects the dormitory to the castle courtyard.”

“Indeed. The underground waterway. …Yes, you triggered the probing magic, but only once.”


She was talking about when I entered the area below the resident district.

So that’s what it was.

I nodded.


“How did you deactivate them?”

“No, I didn’t deactivate them. I saw that they were lines instead of a flat surface, and so I just avoided them.”







The Left Hands were staring daggers at me.

It was honestly painful.


“That is what he says. Is it true?”

The Queen said as she looked around the room.


A single person who was probably the top of the Left Hands stepped forward and took a knee before the Queen.

“I have sent men to go and confirm this.”


“These magic barriers. How many did you set up in the waterways?”

“As they connect to the castle itself, we have set up many, Your Majesty. But I do not know the precise number.”


The Left Hand added that if necessary, a detailed list could be made for her, but the Queen was not interested.


“By the way, didn’t you say that you hadn’t felt that the detection barrier had been broken?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. I was mistaken.”


“So, he got through without even deactivating it… You agree that that is what happened?”

“…I’m very sorry.”


Perhaps he was the one who set them up. He was now bowing very low.


“I had heard that they were the latest barriers, but clearly they have some issues.”

“Yes, they were the latest. …I can assure you of that.”

I see. So they were testing the effectiveness of their new barriers.


“Should we return to the old ones?”


“As he says, they use lines to detect movement. However, the old barriers detect over a wide surface. This causes an immediate sense of discomfort, which alerts the intruder.”


“So, it’s harder to notice, but also allows for a loophole.”


“Yes, Your Majesty. I believe the danger is still higher with the old barriers.”


“Indeed. And so that is why you changed them. And they were so very expensive. I’m not sure. It still seems like a failure to me.”

I didn’t know anything about money, in this case, but I decided to offer some help.

After all, the Left Hands present seemed quite shaken up over what the Queen was saying.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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