Ryusousha – 35

Chapter 35


Linda Lucena was my childhood friend.

This was before I started my training at the bakery.


As her house was close to ours, we would often play together.

It wasn’t as if I didn’t have other friends my age, but strangely, we got along very well.


Linda’s father was a lumber dealer in Sol, and also had several famous carpenters working for him.


As they were quite successful, Linda was always wearing brand new clothes and her father bought her toys that were recently popular in the Royal Capital.


Linda was happy to lend them to me, and I always thought she saw me as a great friend.


But as things improved for her father’s business, the town of Sol became too small for them, and he moved his base of operations to the Imperial Capital.


Her father started to spend half of every year there, but while Linda was still very young, she was strong.

Though, I think she really wanted to go with him.


The year after that, Linda’s older sister was called by their father and she traveled to the Royal Capital.

She would attend school there and receive the highest education.


I remember that she was incredibly beautiful.

She had also played with me sometimes when I was young.


And so I was quite sad when I heard that she would be leaving Sol.

Unlike Linda, she was quiet and humble.


Perhaps she was my first childhood crush.

However, I could barely remember her face now.


There were many reasons that her father moved and that her older sister soon followed.

But Linda was not unaffected by all of these changes.


Once her father and older sister were gone, Linda and I became inseparable for a time.

She was probably very lonely. So much that she could no longer pretend to be strong.


And so for that time, we were like really close siblings…her being the older sister, of course.


“I’m to go and live in the Royal Capital.”

Linda said one day, tears in her eyes.


This could be the last time we meet in this life. She said as large droplets stained her cheeks.


“I promise that I won’t forget you!”


She said to me with a look of agony as she got into the carriage that would take her away.

“We’ll meet again!”


But her last words were hopeful. That was like her.

And so Linda left the town that held all of her childhood memories.


“It’s been a while, Leon.”

“Yeah. You look well.”


We hadn’t exchanged any letters at all.

In spite of that passionate farewell, the bonds of children were not that strong.


“Your uniform… Are you…?”

“It’s what you think. I got surrounded in the drawing-room, so I escaped.”


Linda must have understood everything based on those few words. She couldn’t help but laugh.


“I see. So Leon will be a Dragon Master. Daddy is going to be filled with so much regret when he finds out.”

“Mister Joshua? Why?”


“He wanted to move to the Royal Capital because of his business. But he was also hoping to become a Patron by using my sister.”


I didn’t know that.

Mister Joshua clearly had some great ambitions.

But then again, he had his lumber business and carpenters and a steady stream of customers that were nobles.


“How is your sister these days?”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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