Ryusousha – 31

Chapter 31


Early the next morning, I used the underground waterway to head to the commercial district. My job at the Fluffy Bouloire was waiting for me.

I was now quite familiar with the route there and back.


Every once in awhile, there would be a new detection barrier, as if someone was trying to bully me. But I never got caught in one again.

I was surprised myself. But it seemed like I was able to detect them a lot better than before. This passage had been great in terms of training.


“Good morning.”

“Ah, morning.”


“I’m going to start then.”


I greeted Master Rob and then got to work.


After concentrating on my work for some time, I suddenly heard Missus Faine’s voice coming from the house.

It sounded like she was arguing with one of her daughters.


Judging by her voice, it was the older one. Mira.


“It’s quite early. Is something happening today?”

Usually, Mira only got up after I had finished preparing the dough.


“Hm? Ah… Well, we weren’t sure if you’d be coming in today, Leon. So she insisted she would help instead. I’m sure she tried her best to get up, but it’s still quite late. Regardless, I don’t let her help with the dough yet, as she is still far from perfect. That’s why she’s angry.”


Apparently, Mira wanted to take over the shop one day and become a baker.

It was hard for me to imagine her kneading dough in the back, but I’m sure she would improve her baking skills eventually.

She had a competitive streak, and so it was probably better for her to do that than face customers directly.


As for the younger sister, Kuchino, she was quite smart. And she was learning to take care of the bakery’s finances like her mother.


“It’s nice that both of your daughters are working toward the same goal.”

“I don’t know about that. They aren’t the most skilled.”


Mira had all the enthusiasm, but not the ability. And for now, she mainly did deliveries.

But apparently, my arrival had made her feel quite threatened, and she started to study baking more seriously.


“Back at home, my father would always scold me as he taught me how to bake. But my sister worked with the customers.”


Whenever my sister was in the front, we would sell more bread.

She was rather pleased by this fact, and so actively stood by the counter.


Now she was married and doing the same thing in a general goods store in a different town.


“There are some customers that come every day just to see me.” She had boasted.


However, I always thought it was strange.

A general goods store didn’t seem like the place to make loyal customers that came to see you every day.

It was a place you went to restock on consumable goods.


As I mused over this, Mira came to us from the store.


“Morning, Mira.”

“You. But father said you weren’t going to be here today.”


“Mister Rob was just being nice. I can still make it in time after finishing my morning work here.”


“Huh. I see. So, why are you so busy today?”

“Uh, the school entrance ceremony.”


“But, isn’t that incredibly important? Are you sure? Don’t you have to prepare?”

Mira looked at me severely.


Of course, her expression was a lot less severe now than it was when we first met.


“Well, it’s not like I need anything. The country provided me with a uniform and the venue is on the other side of the road. I just need to go back to my dormitory and change. That’s all.”


“The country provided you with a uniform? Are you royalty? Really, I have never heard of such a thing. I’m sure it’s only the Dragon Academy that the country pays that much attention to. In fact, a lot of people pay attention to it. My friend told me that the academy’s opening ceremony… Wait. Huh? Huuuuh?”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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