Ryusousha – 36

Chapter 36


Linda looked into my eyes.

I knew that she was mostly teasing me. I could tell that much.


But there was clearly a part that was serious as well.

Huh? Had she always been like that?


“You’re very bold. Just a minute ago you were saying something about not being interested in that.”


“Well, it’s easy to look up the names of the current Dragon Masters. When daddy finds out, he’s going to tell me to pursue you boldly.”

She had gotten into the school, after all. So he would have some expectations.


They had enough money to actively put themselves out as Patron candidates. 

The reason that her older sister had been unsuccessful during her three years, was probably less about bad luck, and more because of her reserved personality.


I thought back on Linda’s older sister.

She had been the prettier of the two. She had a graceful beauty.


But she was never very physically active, perhaps due to health reasons.

And there was a certain aura about her, as if she was a princess who was raised in a tower.


“I think daddy really thought my sister would succeed. Surely, she would be able to do it within three years. He said.”

Linda said as if reading my mind.


“I see. Yes, it’s surprising that she wasn’t, given her looks and personality.”


“But there’s something I realized after coming here. The other students are different from other places. They are all hunters searching for their prey. I doubt my sister ever got a word in.”



Linda’s sister was not the kind of person to push her way through a crowd.

In other words, no matter how right she might have been, it was no use if she was ever even seen by any Dragon Masters.


“Well, I doubt you’ll have the same problem, Linda.”

Personality-wise, she was very pleasant and also outspoken. So it would be much easier for her to get attention.


“Maybe… I could if I wanted to.”

“…I see.”


I thought back to our childhood.

Linda was very outgoing, but she wasn’t the type to ignore other people’s feelings just to get ahead either.


“But as I said, I’ve already given up. Besides, the second and third years have a great advantage, you know? They have the best positions.”

Linda said with a laugh.


Aside from reception, there were other roles like preparing the venue and refreshments etcetera, and not all of them allowed you to contact the Dragon Masters.


“I see. But, Dragon Masters’s aren’t all men.”

There were women as well.

Just like there were male students at the Royal Academy.


“Yes, those female Dragon Master’s will have a flock of male nobles around them now. Can you imagine what it would be like for a commoner girl to get the Dragon Mark? She is suddenly surrounded by handsome men who are complimenting her to high heaven.”


Huh. I could imagine that.

A common woman being proposed to by a nobleman. She would be ecstatic.


‘Marry me and we’ll live on my lands.’ She would probably follow him without a moment’s hesitation.


Of course, it would also be tremendously good luck for the nobleman. Because his spouse came with a dragon.

That was a fortune in itself.


“But more importantly, I’m shocked that you were able to escape, Leon. Those hunters down there never let their prey escape so easily.”


“Well, I figured out what was happening and dashed away.”

I said.


“But why? You haven’t answered my question. Do you have a patron?”


“No. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do.”

“Not sure about what?”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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