Ryusousha – 74

Chapter 74


The Ryukoku palace. Audience chamber.


As Imelda took one step forward, something slammed into her from behind and sent her flying into the air.




But before Luknos could understand what had happened, a great number of things fell from up above.

He quickly realized that they were invisible shields.


There was only one magician who used magic like this.

But he wasn’t supposed to be here.


“We’ve been ensnared!”


They had been lured here. It was a trap.

As Luknos was pressed down to the floor, he noticed that man was suddenly standing next to him.


“You still have this thunder rod, huh?”



Harui picked up the staff that had dropped from Luknos’s hand. Then he pointed behind him.”

“Is that one new?”


“I don’t have to answer you.”

“Hmm. Will you be the same way in front of Her Majesty?”



“…Did you think I would say that?”




An invisible shield caused Luknos’s head to turn in an unnatural angle.

“As for the passage… No one else is coming, huh?”


In just a brief moment, there were two bodies on the floor.



As the queen’s Left Hands watched in shock, Hif was the only one to return to himself.


“Sh-shouldn’t you have kept them alive for questioning?”

“The magic thunder comes out of this rod…”



“He tricks people into thinking that. But the thunder really comes from his own body. He must have really thought that no one knew.”



“It’s true. If Savane had been brought before them, he would have attacked, even if it meant exploding his own body. We would have all been electrocuted to death. I don’t know what that woman over there does, but her purpose would have been the same.”



This plan had two layers.


Use many as bait so that a few could go and assassinate the queen.

And even if they fell, they would likely wish to offer themselves for the sake of the mission.

And so they would explode.


Harui looked towards the back of the audience chamber.

Queen Savane had just come out.

The Left Hands all dropped to their knees. The queen stopped them with a raise of her hand and made them rise.


“Good work.”

“It wasn’t hard.”


Now that Savane was here, the Left Hands all moved to the side of the room.


“So, who are our guests?”


“This one here is Luknos, Thunder Rain. In Ryukoku, the name Thunder Rod might be more well-known.”


“The Sixth Step.”

“I don’t know who this other one is. She’s still young, and I killed her before she could use her magic. So there is no way to tell.”


“I see. So Stones Eyes was not among them.”


“We still haven’t regained control of the escape routes. It’s possible he’s with the others. However, you would think that he would come here directly. My guess is that he’s not here at all.”


“I had Soran make preparations outside. But I suppose it was unnecessary.”


Dragon Master Soran Devoy rode a special dragon, just like the queen.

His dragon was blue and it breathed blue flames.


“It was always just a fifty percent chance.”

“True. Well, you’ll get in the way of the cleanup. Come over here, Harui.”


The queen said as she invited Harui to the room in the back. Then she stopped as if remembering something, and waved her hand.

It was the order to clean up the audience chamber.


After Savane and Harui had disappeared in the back, the others rushed to clean the room.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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