Ryusousha – 74




All of the castle invaders were now dead, and order and been restored.


That was the report that came to Savane twelve hours after the attack.


Harui had stayed with the queen as her guard, while the other Left Hands killed the invaders and patrolled the castle.

At the same time, others watched the area outside of the castle and made sure that nothing unusual was happening.


During that time, Harui and the queen were drinking tea and talking happily.


Hif was not exactly pleased about this.

But he also knew that part of it was his own jealousy, which was resurfacing so strongly after being reminded once again of the difference in power between himself and Harui.


“Apparently, the other one in the audience chamber was ‘Bank,’ also known as Imelda. Though, we call her Bed Sheet.”

“I’ve never heard that name.”


“She’s the Ninth Step. But she’s not very well-known compared to Thunder Rod.”

Besides, she was still quite young. The queen added.


“I know that Makoku is in a desperate position, but I feel like they were not putting their best foot forward with this attack.”

“Really? I think they would have had a good chance of succeeding if you weren’t here.”


It was true. He was not entirely convinced that the Left Hands that were currently in the audience chamber would have been able to take on the Sixth and Ninth Steps.

And only one of them needed to get passed them, and the queen would have died.

When he considered it like that, perhaps the odds really had been in their favor.


“Still, I would say their chances of succeeding were sixty percent at best. I would have expected the Makoku king to attack with more favorable odds. Seventy or eighty percent at the least.”


“Then perhaps this attack was just a way of feeling things out.”

There may be a main attack later on.


“If that happens, I think we can expect Basililk to make an appearance.”

Perhaps the reason Basilisk hadn’t been sent this time, was because they wanted to see how Ryukoku reacted.


“Maybe it was a mistake to have a blue dragon flying outside of the palace.”


If Harui lost to Basilisk, the queen would be killed.

If that happened, she had planned to burn down not just the chamber, but the entire palace with the flames of the blue dragon.


The blue flames that the blue dragon unleashed could melt even stone. It didn’t burn it, it melted it.

The flames would go down all of the passaged and melt everything.


The queen had prepared this as a last resort.


“Basilisk hasn’t appeared at the military exercise either.”

The report had already arrived, saying that no such person had been seen.


“Had Basilisk appeared in either place, I would have been able to order the attack on their capital. It’s rather unfortunate.”


Ryukoku already had predictions of what would happen to Makoku after the Great Shift.

It was a disaster that would throw the country into chaos.


In order for Makoku to survive, they would have to invade another country within the next few years and move onto their lands.


So, why hadn’t they sent their strongest weapon out?

Because if it was known that they did, they would not be able to protect their capital.


There was nothing that compared to the speed of a dragon.

They would be able to suppress the city all at once. As long as Basilisk was not there.


“So, how should I deal with this mess?”


Makoku had attacked. How could she take advantage of this?

As queen, it was her job to think of such things.


“Now is not the time.”

“I know that. It’s not like there’s any hope with Stone Eyes there.”


“Besides, Gigoku is unstable. You must be careful.”

“Ah, that is right. …Then maybe, I will go easy on them this time.”


As Sol was the town that was closest to Shoukoku, a lot of information came in.

And among the information that the merchants brought, there were disturbing rumors about Gikoku.


Harui casually related them to the queen and then stood up.

“I should be returning home soon. I have no more business here.”


“Oh, but we’ve barely talked at all.”

“The best things are to be enjoyed in moderation.”


“…That’s true. Then I will just have to look forward to our next meeting. When should that be? We should plan it this time.”

The queens smiled. Harui didn’t look particularly thrilled.


“Indeed…I will return during the Dragon Welcoming Ceremony.”

“Oh, but that’s half a year away.”


“I can’t leave my house so often.”

“Very well. The Dragon Welcoming Ceremony. I’ll be waiting.”


Harui turned back once and bowed before leaving.


“Until then, I’ll just have to talk with Leon instead. For some reason, Bil and Sara like to avoid me. How boring.”


Prince Bildorad had a serious personality and was always busy with his work. While Princess Saranu liked to travel and was rarely even seen within the Royal Capital.


So it was no wonder that now that the queen had no one to tease, she would satiate her cravings by targeting Leon.


“I wonder when he will return? I look forward to it.”

She was in a good mood as she stood up from her chair and opened her window.


It offered a good view of the dragon stables.

The white dragon must have noticed her gaze because it looked up towards her.


How fun it will be. Savane whispered. And the white dragon roared in reply.


Then Savane moved away from the window as the servants ran around in the dragon stables below her.

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