Two Saints – 79

Who Would Go With Them


According to Nyran, the fourth prince was his older brother, who had returned from the elf lands.


“Aaron. But you’re supposed to return to the elf territories.”

“The only people that need to go are Nyran and Kaider. I’m not even an Adventurer. Besides, since I’ve been away for so long, fewer people inland will know my face.”


Aaron replied to the king. Chiharu looked at him. No, they looked so much alike that anyone would see he was royalty at a glance. However, she kept this to herself. As for Maki, she was a little blunter.


“No, we don’t want to go with royalty. Can you please introduce us to someone who won’t stick out? Like a merchant.”

“You’re not satisfied with me?”

“Yes, well, not in that way.”

“So you are unsatisfied?”



Maki and Aaron glared at each other.


“Wait a minute. Why are you acting like it’s already been decided that you’ll go at all? It’s too dangerous. And this is inland. I feel bad for the merfolk chief, but we can’t risk losing the Saintesses.”


Kaider said. Maki replied calmly.


“We don’t need your permission, Kaider.”

“What! You are being willful!”

“I know that I am! But sometimes you have to do things, even if it is willful!”


Now it was Maki and Kaider who were glaring at each other. However, Kaider’s eyebrows lowered.


“Please. Only be that way when I can protect you. I’m worried.”


He said.





“Ugh, can you two do this some other time?”


Kilian interrupted them. Maki and Kaider quickly looked away.


“What should be done…”


Kilian said as he held his head. And then Edwy answered.


“It cannot be helped. We must send them out.”



Chiharu smiled. Yes. Chiharu looked cute when she laughed. Edwy almost smiled himself, but he forced himself to keep a straight face.


“They’ll just run away by themselves if we don’t let them go. So it would be better to just accept it now.”


He said.


“Maki. Aaron shouldn’t have too much trouble blending in with the inland people. In fact, he often runs away and disguises himself as a commoner in order to play around, just like you two. And so you should allow him to accompany you.”


Uh, run away and play around? How rude. Maki thought.


“And I will go as well.”


Edwy said, much to her surprise.


“Edwy. Uh, you’ll stick out too much.”

“What? I won’t stick out if I wear a hat.”

“But your eyes.”

“There are plenty of inland people with blue eyes. It shouldn’t be a problem.”
“Uh, but you really don’t look like a commoner.”

“But I do. In spite of what you might think, I’m used to living in town. Besides, what do you think I’ve been doing all of this time?”


Indeed. And so they were all in agreement.


“But, what about the elf lands?”

“I was just an extra anyway. Nyran is the main person who must go. He can just say that the Midland prince was tired from his dwarven journey.”

“Arthur will be very sad if something happens to you. You are his only son.”


Chiharu said quietly.


“But it was our world that took you two from your parents. If you two are going to be put into danger, then I cannot stand by and watch.”


Chiharu was surprised. Since when had Edwy become so strong? They stared at each other for a while.


“Hey, you two. So, in other words, you’re going to dress up as merchants and do a little digging, right? There shouldn’t be anything dangerous about that!”


Aaron said. Chiharu and Edwy looked away from each other.


“Then it will be me and Edwy who accompany the two saintesses. We can move around while pretending to be merchants. And then perhaps we can have a few more people come who won’t draw attention.”


Aaron started to say. And so Maki interrupted him.


“Um, that won’t do. It can’t look like Lowland is involved.”

“I know that.”


Aaron said with a grin.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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