Two Saints – 47

Do Boys Who Pick Flowers Dream On Top Of Levitation Stones?


Five days after they started to work as flower pickers, Maki and Chiharu had gotten into the rhythm of it. They started near the clearing and went in the opposite direction before coming back. When they did this twice, they were given snacks. This consisted of sweet soup, but the soup and dumplings within were different each time. The base was always potatoes, but sometimes there would be beans or sesame seeds in as well. Sometimes the potatoes had something mixed in with them. In any case, sweet food tasted especially good when you were tired.


They made two more rounds and then it was midday. For some reason, the guard was helping with the cooking. A large grill had been brought out and some meat was being cooked in lavish amounts. However, Maki and Chiharu were after the vegetables.


Of course, they would eat the meat as well. However, the small vegetables that resembled paprika or corn or other summer vegetables were especially delicious. Vegetables that were too big or too small to sell were brought here and cooked.


They rested a little here before making two more rounds and coming back. Then they ate steamed buns and then did three more rounds before finishing.


And at night, they would drink with Grudo. Sometimes the bird folk would fly over them to see how they were doing. 

They were currently having an afternoon snack on their fifth day.


“You know, it really is nice to live like this.”


Chiharu said happily.


“It really is.”


Maki said as she picked up a flower. And then tossed it.


“To be honest, when I was still a student, I had this dream of getting a part time job harvesting corn. And then going on a trip with the money I made.”

“But wouldn’t you need a bike for that?”

“Well, let’s ignore that for a moment.”

“It’s impossible.”

“Also, maybe harvesting kelp? I could work on an island for one month, and with the money…”

“Wouldn’t that also be hard without a bike?”

“Or even harvesting sugarcane.”



Chiharu seemed to really like the idea of a part time job in the farming industry. Chiharu and corn. Maybe. But Chiharu and kelp or sugarcane? It didn’t suit her. Besides, it would mean going far north or south in Japan.


“Well, maybe you do need a motorbike for that. But I was mainly scared of being alone. That’s why I never did it.”


And there was also the matter of physical energy. Kelp and sugarcane seemed very heavy.


“And the dream has now come true.”


She looked like she was going to dance. Maki opened her mouth.


“Please don’t break into a song.”

“I-I won’t. What are you talking about!”


Chiharu said in a flustered voice. She finally woke up from her little dream.


“But, well, it’s nice to be able to move your body.”

“Yes, it’s not bad at all.”


This flower harvesting would end in another two to three days. After that, they were going to cut the stems. But that was for the men to do, and so Maki and Chiharu’s jobs would end there. They would do their best until then.


Just when they were about to come out on the other side…


Maki disappeared.


“Huh? Maki?”


Chiharu took a step towards where Maki had been.


Something wrapped around her head. Then in her surprise, the basket was pulled off of her back. Then her body was pressed down and she was gagged. Something else was wrapped around her body and then she was thrown onto a wagon. Straw was then thrown over her. She didn’t even have enough time to scream.


Maki! Maki! As she moved around, she hit something.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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