Realist Demon King – 49

Kobold Ninja Hanzo


Eve brought me a list of materials.

And then I selected the ones that would allow me to summon a monster that could hide and was quick.


Black iron ore from the north.

Wings of a rock bird.

The beak of a falcon.

Whiskers of a male cat.


And other materials like that.


“I do feel like we should be able to summon something stealthy with this.”


“Yes, I agree.”


Said Eve.


There was a pot within the castle that was called a Klein bottle. Putting materials in and sending energy into it allowed you to create monsters and other materials.


Eve was the first product that came from it.


“I have wondered for some time. Did all monsters in this world come from such pots?”


Eve shook her head.


“It is possible that the first monsters did. But now monsters increase in numbers through mating. This had been so for so long, that the majority of monsters in this world were born here.”


In any case, there was no actually reliable data.


“I see. Well, I doubt there would be enough materials in the world to populate the world anyway.”


Yes, I should have known that.


“But are there any differences in monsters that are created here and the ones that are born?”


“In general, no. But monsters you create will be weakened or even die if your core is destroyed.”


“Hmm. Yes, I did see that with Demon King Eligos.”




“The undead fell once the supply of magic was cut off.”


“Undead are uncertain and unbalanced beings. They cannot remain active without a Demon King’s power.”


“Are you like that too, Eve?”


“No, I am a demon after all. I would be able to fight without magic from the core.”


But, she continued.


“Though, I know it is impossible, if you were to die, master, then I will have to die too. Our fates shall be the same.”


“Well, I have no intention of dying.”


“I should hope not.”


“Very well. I promise to try my best and stay alive.”


I said. And then Eve brought some herb tea.

The distinct herb teas in this world had rich smells but were also subtly sweet.


I always wanted to enjoy this mild sweetness, and so I never had any sugar added to it.


Of course, Eve remembered this, so I did not have to remind her every time.


And so I enjoyed my tea while selecting materials and putting them in the Klein bottle.


The process wasn’t completely random, and the type of monster you got would change depending on what you used.


The will of the summoner also had an effect, so you could get a good idea of what type you would get.


And so I used summoning books from the castle library for reference and tried to imagine a monster that was good with stealth.


“—Stealth. All in black. An assassin or ninja.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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