Realist Demon King – 72

Another World Dictionary


We were in Jeanne’s room.

It was smaller than I was expecting.


Apparently, Eve had tried to assign her a larger room, but Jeanne said that she found them unsettling.


She didn’t have much in the way of clothes or hobbies. She just wanted a room to pray in that also protected her from the rain.


That was a Saint. A servant of god had no interest in luxury.

Still, there was something feminine about the room as well.

It smelled nice, for one.

The smell of flowers and the smell of a woman.


It was nothing like the sweat of men. It smelled of citrus and was quite comforting.


Eve changed the flowers in the room every day. I could also smell the scent of her hair oil.


(…I’ve been thinking about nothing but the smell…)


I was starting to look like I had an aroma fetish, and so I stopped and looked at the room.

The only thing that caught the eye was the sword stand, desk, and bed.

There was nothing else.


Well, there was a trunk for clothes in the back, but it was very small and contained the bare minimum, it seemed.


“Those who serve God should not drown in greed.”


Jeanne often said. In terms of being frugal and reserved, she and Eve were quite similar. However, Jeanne did have a greed when it came to eating.


She spent much of her salary on food and enjoyed walking through the town and eating at restaurants.


When I pointed this out, she replied, 

“God told me that a healthy appetite is proof of good health.”


There was something shifty in her gaze that suggested this wasn’t quite true, but it also wasn’t very important.


“Now, it is time that you learn some words.”


“Thank you. What are they, anyway?”


“A collection of letters. So, try putting C, A, and T together.”




“Yes. A cat.”


“Oh, cats. I like cats. You look like a cat, Demon King.”


She meowed.


“So, how about D, O, and G?”


“Hmm. Dog?”




“I knew it!!”


She said happily.


“Learn enough of these, and you will be able to read books. It’s very similar to Latin. And Latin and French are similar.”


“Yes, I will learn as many as I can.”


“Good. By the way, I have a present for you.”


I pulled out a dictionary that I had prepared.


“Ah, that is the book your maid was reading.”


“Yes. It has the definitions of all of the words of this country in it. Learn the simple ones for now.”


I said as I handed her the book. She accepted it and hugged it tightly to her chest.


“I will take good care of it as if it were you, Demon King!”


“Well, think whatever you like. But you must open the dictionary every day and look up words that you don’t know.”


“Yes. There is a word I’ve been thinking about.”


She started to flip through the pages.

By the way, the word ‘impossible’ was not in it.


As Jeanne was French, I thought it would be amusing to make Napoleon’s imaginary book, but it would probably be lost on her.


Or so I thought, but she quickly seemed to notice that something was wrong.

Was she going to point out the absence of ‘impossible’?

No, she had been looking through ‘A.’


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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