Realist Demon King – 72


“It has Ashtaroth, but the definition is wrong.”






She pointed.


Born in the Demon Year of 6547. One of the 72 Demon Kings. He is young and has the weakest army.


It read.


“That sounds pretty accurate to me?”


“Not there. Underneath it.”




I looked and the only thing I saw was ‘Unmarried.’


“It’s not wrong?”


“But you are engaged.”


Clearly, I was not. But it was obvious where her mind was.


She closed her eyes again, leaving her lips unguarded.

I was taken aback for an instant.

Unlike the previous time, she a calm and serene expression.

Like a noble Saint that was offering herself to god.

I was in danger of being controlled by her.

Or so I thought.

But then Eve banged twice on the open door.


“I’m sorry to disturb you while you’re so busy.”


It sounded like sarcasm at first, but it wasn’t.

After all, she wasn’t carrying a tray of tea. That suggested there was some matter of urgency.

She looked very serious as she looked at me.


“Master. Your plan has succeeded. Demon King Decarbia had his men attack the merchant wagons carrying the fake gold. And as you foresaw, he is using the money to hire mercenaries.”


“He’s not wasting any time then. It must have been because he knew I was going to declare war.”


“I believe so.”


“We will act sooner, then. I want you to send a messenger out and demand the return of the gold and to be compensated.”


“They will likely be driven out or killed.”


“Indeed. Send a prisoner as the messenger. And say that the sentence will be shortened if he comes back alive.”




Eve started to prepare.

Jeanne seemed to have been roused by Eve, who was now moving briskly, as things had started to move. Her expression turned serious and she prepared herself for battle.

And like that, the time of rest ended.

It was time to switch gears. I headed to the throne room.

Eve and Jeanne followed me.

They were back to their usual selves.

The faithful maid, and the ferocious warrior.


They were like polar opposites but were similar in how different they were on and off the battlefield.


—Of course, neither would ever admit to this fact.

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