Ryusousha – 16

Chapter 16


The morning came as I sat in the dormitory.


I had finished my audience with the Queen last night.

Safely…safely, I think? But there was no one there who could reassure me.


At least, I had fulfilled my duty as a Shadow.


While I was Her Majesty’s Right Hand, the Royal Capital was not my territory.

I didn’t want to act too boldly or do anything to attract the attention of the Shadows who lived here.


And so I meant to live quietly once I had taken stock of the place.

However, there was one matter that I felt uneasy about.


“Last time I came here, I ended up in a fight in the commercial district. I’ll have to be more careful.”


It was three years ago when I had come here with my father.

I was walking through town at midnight, and well, things happened with other shadows and we fought.


But what I assume was a misunderstanding, was resolved before anyone was killed. And we went our separate ways as if nothing had happened. However, my father found out about it and was furious.


I don’t know why, since I gave them all a good beating. And yet he gave me a big bump on my head for the effort.


And then I was grounded and made to stay in the inn all day. It was a very bitter memory for me.

Well, I was also injured, so it couldn’t be helped.


I would be more careful this time.

If I ended up in a fight with the Shadows every time I went out into town, I would not survive very long.


It would be easier to avoid them if I didn’t go out at night, but on the other hand, my magic was significantly more useful when it was dark.


“Perhaps I’ll go and visit father’s old master today.”


I say master, but not the one who taught him to kill. This was the one who taught him to bake.

Father learned about baking bread in the capital.


“Let me see, it was in the commercial district. A place called ‘Fluffy Bouloire.’”


According to my parents, this place had the most delicious Gikoku-style bread.


I wouldn’t comment on the naming sensibilities.

But I will say that I wished father hadn’t inherited it.


As I was forced to stay in the inn last time, I hadn’t visited this place before.


I suppose I would take a slow walk on the ground and take a look.

And so I bought some breakfast at the school store and set out.


The Dragon Academy was located in a quiet area that was surrounded by trees.

There were hardly any stores or houses nearby.

It was mostly just undeveloped land.


“I suppose people don’t want to live near here, as it’s pretty inconvenient, considering this is the capital.”


There was another thing I had been wondering about.

While it was early morning, there were hardly any people on the streets.

It was only slightly busier than the streets of Sol.


“…Hmm? What?”


As I walked, the street abruptly ended.

Well, it was blocked, and you could not continue on.

What did it mean? There was a sign, but it was still annoying.


“The Dragon Master Grounds, huh… You have to go around then.”


So, this road connected the Dragon Academy to the Dragon Master Grounds.

And civilians were not allowed to enter.

That’s why there were hardly any people around.


In order to go to the center of the Royal Capital, I would have to go around the Dragon Master Grounds then.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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