Ryusousha – 16


“No wonder there are hardly any houses or stores here.”


And the Dragon Master Grounds was huge.

It was terribly inconvenient.


I would go around this time, but it would be better to just travel through the underground waterways.

It was something to consider.


And so with no other choice, I walked along the path that took me around it.

It took me a long time to finally reach the commercial district.


“Uhh, the Bouloire house was on 40th avenue, I believe. That’s a little up ahead.”


As the city was so big, it was made so you could tell where you were based on your distance from the castle and which district you were in.

40th avenue was still relatively close to the castle.


The further away you went, the numbers would get higher. Like 120th avenue and 151st avenue.


After walking for a while longer, I found the store I was looking for.

The walls were an orange plaster, and there was a sign in the front.


“Here it is… Still, this name. It’s so terrible…”


‘Fluffy Bouloire’ was painted in large letters on the sign.

If they were the Bouloires, then why not just call it ‘Bouloire’s Bakery’?


“Of course, that has nothing to do with how their bread tastes… But I’m surprised someone in the family didn’t intervene.”


“Hey! Do you have a problem with the name of our store?”


Someone shouted at me from the side.

A young girl with a pushcart was glaring at me.

No, we appeared to be around the same age.


“Are you Mister Bouloire’s daughter?”


“I am. And who are you? What business do you have here?”

She had very sharp eyes.

And she was looking at me with suspicion.


Well, I couldn’t blame her. I was insulting the store’s name right in front of her.


“Sorry. I didn’t mean to be malicious.”

“And who are you?”


“I’m Leon. My father and mother used to work here. So I came to say hello.”



She looked at me doubtfully. She was still very guarded.


“I just arrived in the city yesterday. And so I came here immediately.”

“I see… Wait here.”


As she still had her suspicions, she left me and went into the store. ‘Mother! There’s a visitor!’ I could hear her shouting.


Then she came out again and said, ‘over here.’ and pushed her cart towards the back of the store.


I followed her to the back, where she put away the cart into the shed with practiced speed. Then she pointed to what looked like the workplace and said, ‘father’s over there.’


“Can I go and meet him?”

“Go ahead. It shouldn’t be locked.”


And so I went over and knocked on the door.

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