Ryusousha – 15

Chapter 15


That day, the Queen’s Left Hands gathered together for an emergency meeting.


Aside from four of them who were on the night watch, every Left Hand in the royal castle was to attend.

There was only one subject.


“Complete absolution has been granted to the Right Hand from Sol. Leon. I would like to hear your opinions on this.”


While they were all shadows, Right Hands like Leon had different missions from Left Hands like Hif.

Left Hands guarded the Queen. Right Hands lived in towns and carried out assassination and infiltration missions.


In other words, Right Hands worked outside of the castle, and so they never worked directly with Left Hands.


Left Hands only ever worked inside of the castle, and they tended to see Right Hands as being outside laborers who were below them.


“I would like to know why it was done.”


Said an older man.

His name was Hitok


Hitok had served the queen for nearly 20 years.


“She said it was because we would not be able to stop him.”


It didn’t matter how strong their guard was. It would mean nothing if Leon was serious.

In that case, would it not be better to stop being cautious of him from the beginning? Hif told them that this was how the queen thought.


“Is he really that powerful?”


“Yotsuya should know. Tell them.”


“Yes. He got through the newest detection barriers that were set up in the underground waterway. And he also avoided triggering any of the barriers in the castle courtyard.”


“…Shadow Crossing, isn’t it?”


“It proves that detection barriers are meaningless to him.”


The barriers that protected the castle were the very best.

And now they had become meaningless.

They could not be replaced with superior barriers.


“Then we will have to protect her ourselves.”


“But how? How can we protect her when we can’t detect him while he’s Shadow Crossing either?”


“We have the magic sealing charms, don’t we? He will not be able to enter through Shadow Crossing if we use those.”

“About that. Hachina, continue.”


“Yes. We witnessed him using magic to disappear from the audience chamber. The magic sealing charm did not work at all. As his power was too strong, the charm could do nothing.”


“…You are sure of this?”

“I swear it. Her Majesty also understood this. She was the one that asked him to use magic there.”


Even though she was very careful, she was not always right next to someone who could guard her.

And of course, there were times when the Queen was alone.


In other words, if Leon wanted to harm her, he need only wait for the right opportunity.

And as a Right Hand with an Alias, he was not likely to fail.


So, the moment Leon came between them and the Queen, it would be over.


“So that is why.”


“I heard that he suddenly appeared in front of the Shadow door.”


Usually, regardless of which direction you came from, the detection barrier would have alerted the Left Hands of your arrival.

But there had been nothing at all. The signal that announced the presence of a visitor had come out of nowhere, and they had become very frantic.


“What can be done?”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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  1. So thats why there was a delayed response from the gate after his tapping LOL they might have thought it was a ghost xD

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