Ryusousha – 10

Chapter 10


After having walked enough, and just as the sun was starting to set, I returned and went to the school store in order to buy lunch.

It was like a small mobile shop.


The person running it seemed like they had been employed only recently, and it was a little awkward.

Apparently, they would only be here until school started again.


As for what they sold, it was bread with meat and vegetables inside.

Sandwiches like these were popular because you could take them with you.


Perhaps eating here wouldn’t be so bad after all.


While there wasn’t much variety now, I was told that it would change once our lessons started.

As it was a hassle to go out and eat, I decided I would eat here for lunch from now on.


The caretaker had also talked about preserved food. This ended up being a kind of hard bread that was shaped like a stick. It was eaten by Dragon Masters and soldiers while on the move.


It was even sold in town sometimes, and was known as the food ‘Dragon Masters ate.’


You could just keep it under your belt and pull it out when you were hungry. Still, it did make you thirsty.

It was made of highly nutritious powder and expanded in your stomach even if you’ve only eaten a few bites of it.

But as someone who didn’t like overly dry food, it wasn’t my favorite.


We wouldn’t sell such a thing at our bakery.

Besides, it was time-consuming.


As a baker’s son, I was not enthusiastic about eating bread that didn’t even taste good.


That night.

I waited for the others to fall asleep, and then I got out of bed.


“She would have known that the carriage arrived today. And so I might as well get this over with quickly.”


It was not a good idea to keep Her Majesty waiting.

But, there was one problem.


Unlike Right Foots who made regular reports, I was not recognized by the guards there.


I had not made an appointment. Would I really be able to see her?

The Queen’s Shadows protected her.


Among them, there was a group called the ‘Left Hands’ which were known to be incredibly loyal.

A sudden visit might be seen as an assassination attempt.


“Well, I am an assassin…”


They’d have my occupation right, at least. 


“If it comes to it, I’ll just make an appointment and then leave.”


The important thing wasn’t to see her. It was to have tried.

I think…


Anyway, I had finished eating dinner, so I might as well go now.

But what if I was attacked?

I would have to fight back.


It would be best not to kill anyone. But I couldn’t hold back unless there was a great difference in skill.

If it came to it, they would have to die, unfortunately.


And so I changed into the black clothes that I had brought from home.

As I was in my room, no one would see me.


“I will have to be careful here on out.”

I thought as I melted into the shadows of the night.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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