Ryusousha – 54

Chapter 54


I didn’t expect to train in the Royal Castle.


“As you know, I run a flower shop.”

I nodded.


“My family’s work involves planting trees. My grandfather is even a royal gardener… Oh, there he is over there.”

She pointed at an older-looking man who seemed especially murderous.


So, he was the gardener.


“Uh, they seem to be glaring at me a lot?”


“The people that are gathered here tonight are the Left Hands who protect the outer compound of the castle. But you wouldn’t know that, because you always pass right through.”


Yes, I hadn’t met any of them.


Uh, how was I supposed to greet them?

Nice garden…? No, that wasn’t right.


I’m sure they were all working hard and tightening security, but it was too much trouble for me to say hello every time I was passing through.

Regardless, this was one time where I thought I should be friendly so I wouldn’t hit any more nerves.


Well, that might not be enough.

Maybe I could add something about trying my best to not be a burden for them.

Something like that should be good.


“Uh, sorry that I never noticed you guys before. Please don’t mind me when I’m passing through. Thanks.”


For some reason, their anger seemed to increase.


“…I’m impressed that you would say that here.”

Did she mean I was being considerate?


“No, I just said what anyone would.”

Wait, why were they getting even angrier?


As for the lady, she seemed exasperated.

She held her head as if it hurt.


“Well, perhaps we should start your training before everyone just kills each other.”

“What are we going to do?”


“The Left Hands are going to invade the castle from the outside. The training will involve you detecting them and either capturing or disarming them. The area will be this entire garden. Are you alright with that?”


“Fine. But how long is this going to go on?”

“Until you catch everyone or someone enters the inner compound.”


Well, the requirement for victory was clear.

All of them…well, there were only five of them here.

So I just needed to capture them.


“These five. That shouldn’t be a problem.”

“I see. You are confident then. Alright, the Left Hands will leave the castle for now. And we will start on my signal.”


The five Shadows moved on light feet and disappeared from the scene.

They were Left Hands who guarded the Royal Castle, after all. There was precision in the way they moved.


“Now, begin!”


The lady had climbed up onto a watchtower. She looked down as she shouted.


So, five against one. They also had an advantage in terms of terrain.

How would they come?


If they all came at once, it was possible that one of them might slip through.

However, they were proud and would likely hate to win with such a strategy.


I was sure that they would send one person to scout first…ah, there you go.


They knew where every tree, rock, and statue was located and where they could hide. I could sense a presence approaching, but it moved in a way that I could not actually see it.


But when you moved in shadows, the shadows moved too.

I only needed to detect the shadows then. That was easy.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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