Ryusousha – 55

Chapter 55


“Alright, you’re done!”

The lady said as she came down from the watchtower. She appeared to be chuckling.



“Yes. Good work, Leon.”

“I’m not tired. Not even a little.”


It was all so sudden and anti-climactic. I didn’t feel like I benefited from this practice at all.

I needed someone who could invade the area in a way where I had to sharpen my senses to the very limit. The difficulty here was so low as to be completely pointless.


“I was watching the whole thing. I’m impressed that you got all five of them so easily.”

“Lady, I’d like to try it again.”



“I came all the way out here just to practice. And that was a sorry excuse for an invasion. So we should do it again.”



She glanced towards the five caterpillars–people rolling on the ground.




It seemed that they were trying to tell her something with her eyes.


“I think they had enough.”

“Oh, and here I thought tonight’s training was supposed to be for me.”


You’d think that a second round could be arranged if it was necessary.


“That’s true. But I think you’ll be fine without any training. You pass the test. Isn’t that right, grandpa?”


As he had been gagged, the old man just nodded his head.


“I pass? Is that how this works?”

That didn’t seem right.


“I don’t see the point in continuing. Unless we could get someone like Through, who uses magic as well, then further training would be meaningless.”


I see. That was also true. The enemy would be coming from Makoku.

It was very likely that there would be magic users among the attack force.


In that case, this setup would not be of much use.

You had to fight magic with magic.


The longer one used magic, the more uses they found for it.

A young magician, no matter how talented they were, would often fall behind when compared to a veteran.


The number of times and the number of ways you used magic was what counted the most.

“Well then, I really have a long way to go.”


“…I’m not sure why that’s what you got out of this?”

Her smile stiffened.


“I guess that I’ll have to train by myself.”

In order to go against these magicians, I would have to try to strengthen my magic, even if it’s just a little.


And so I thanked her and the Left Hands who cooperated, and then I melted into the shadows.




“…I don’t think he took that in the right way.”

Siluru muttered at the spot where Leon had disappeared.


The five Shadows that protected the castle.

They should have been tough opponents for defensive training. She had assumed that their experience would be a great advantage, and yet the results said otherwise.


She had watched as they were captured one after another and even wondered if they were getting caught on purpose.


“And that magic…”


It was so dark and it happened so quickly that she hadn’t been able to see very well.

But she did see the Left Hand gliding in the sky, and the sword slashing through the cloth.


It was clear who had been responsible for that.

But, how? They were so far away.



Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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