Ryusousha – 63

Chapter 63


When the two moons were overhead, Moon Beasts would sometimes fall by the Shadow Moon Road.


However, there were times like these when they seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

This incident was more than enough to remind us that we needed to be careful, even when the moons weren’t above.


You didn’t know when the Moon Beasts could appear. While you were traveling or while you were asleep.

And so the students didn’t let their guard down…no, they couldn’t.


If you encountered a Moon Beast, you would die.

Up close, you could really feel its viciousness and the hopelessly huge gap in power.


“Well, we’ll figure it out.” There was no one who was stupid as to say that.


“If we continue in this state, everyone will be exhausted.”


It was the fourth day since the military exercise began.

One of the veterans who led the group, Hyrang Archelt said, as he looked at the tired students.


It would have been ideal to stay mostly silent and allow the students to think and solve the problem on their own. But some were likely to lose their health if this continued.

And so out of kindness, he had to say something.


“We’ll leave this place tomorrow, and move someplace that is safer. Until then, we’ll think of a way to maintain safety without straining everyone’s nerves.”


Hyrang had been a Dragon Master for 10 years. He was a veteran.


This was his third time taking the students on a Military exercise, and there had never before been an instance of a Moon Beast appearing.


They surely had the worst luck this year.


Still, it could have been much worse. If the Moon Beasts had been several hundred meters closer to the students, the damage would have been much greater.

That was a small comfort.


Of course, for those that had been sleeping during the attack, this was nothing but a disaster.


“Perhaps next year, we will have to have veterans stay in the fledgling camp.”

Even though it was just an exercise, having the adults carry and baby them all the time would have worrying consequences when they graduated.


Besides, maybe it didn’t matter how many times they failed, as long as they got through it.

However, when looking at the tired faces of the students, it was hard to not want to do something.


“The First-Years are especially bad. However, the one who was involved in the first incident seems completely fine.”


According to the report, he had encountered the Moon Beasts during sentry duty.

He had immediately signaled with his whistle and retreated with another Dragon Master who was close by. However, they had encountered a different Moon Beast on the way back.


But they managed to find an opening and escape back to the camp.

Hyrang thought this was quite a harsh trial for a First-Year to go through.


“He just seems so calm. Maybe that’s his personality.”


Surely that boy would be the most traumatized. And so they had paid extra attention to him. But he ate normally and slept just fine.

Aside from the fact that he seemed to occasionally be scanning his surroundings, he never looked nervous in the way that you’d expect.


Hyrang remembered being that age, and he knew that he had not been so calm while traversing the Shadow Moon Road.


“Is he accustomed to being on his guard? Perhaps he has been here before.”


That was what Hyrang thought as he saw how calm Leon appeared.


As for Leon himself…


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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