Realist Demon King – 77

Preparing for a Journey and the Army Chef


This was the information that Fuma Kotaro brought me.

There was a man who was hiding in a small house to the northwest of Castle Decarbia.

This man was a genius strategist.

Apparently, Decarbia had summoned him long ago, but they had not gotten along, and so he was banished.

Decarbia had meant to kill this Hero who had disappointed him, but after three failed attempts, he decided to leave the Hero alone.


“So, this is a man who rebelled against Decarbia?”


Eve asked.


“Well, it seems more like he ran. He didn’t feel that his master was worthy, I suppose.”


“I see. That is no surprise from what I saw.”


“He was shaped like a star, but wasn’t even the caliber of an asteroid.”


I said. And then I asked Fuma Kotaro for the man’s name.


“That is currently unknown. However, he was once very famous.”


After all, this man had been considered the greatest strategist in his world.

He had gathered 100,000 arrows in one night.

He was capable of causing convulsions in nature.

Such were the tales.

I had my own ideas of who it could be, but it wouldn’t do think about that just yet.

In any case, I had to meet this person first.

That meant another short journey. I would have to decide who will come with me.

As Fuma Kotaro still had intelligence work to do, he backed out of his own accord.

That was good.

I had enough Hero’s who wanted to stay by my side. It would cause chaos.

Unsurprisingly, Eve was staring at me.


The only reason she hadn’t immediately demanded to accompany me, was because she was still sorry about what happened at Decarbia’s castle.


I had consoled her many times and told her it wasn’t her fault, but she was likely to blame herself for quite a while.


However, I didn’t think it was a good idea to take Eve with me every time, and I wanted to leave someone here to manage Decarbia’s castle.


Gottlieb was back at Ashtaroth castle, but there would be no one here.


The entire purpose of this journey was to find a Hero that would help me run the place.


She would just have to accept it.


While she was terribly disappointed, she was not the kind of person to abandon her duties as a maid.


And so she began to prepare for my journey.

She put my undergarments, shirts, and food into a traveling bag.


“Master, these are your clothes for the first day. These are for the second day. These are back up clothes.”


She was so thorough that I joked about her being my wife. And then her face turned red.


Still, she continued to explain about the food and then quickly left the room.


Shortly after, Jeanne came in. She was chewing on some dried meat.

“Your maid looks awfully red. Has she caught a cold?”

She asked.


“She is a girl.”


I said vaguely.


“This time, I want you and Toshizou to accompany me.”


“Oh, that is unusual. You want Toshizou to come too.”




I was relieved that she didn’t ask why.


I actually only needed one of them to come, but Jeanne would be angry if I left her, but at the same time, I didn’t want to be alone with her. It seemed like a good idea to not say any of that to her.


No good would come from offending this beautiful Saint.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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