Realist Demon King – 50

The Match


And so I now had a team that specialized in intelligence. This meant that from that day on, there was a huge increase in information that came our way.


Information was the most valuable thing in this world.


If there was a king out there who thought war and diplomacy were possible without information, he was a fool.


And so I had told Hanzo to inform me if such a king ever surfaced.


He was in agreement, but no such conveniently incompetent king was likely to exist.


It was unfortunate, but we would have to take our time and look for the weaknesses of the surrounding kings.

And while none of them were fools, we did get some interesting information.


“…Master. While it is good you have made this intelligence team, there is something that it lacks.”


“Lacks? And what is that?”


“A commander.”


“Hanzo, are you not their commander?”


“A wise king would use a commander that was of the ‘Hero class.’ And I am not suited to such a position, anyway. I can gather information, but I would not be as useful in battle.”


Normally, they would focus on intelligence gathering, but during times of war, they may have to agitate or ambush and destroy bridges.


And the kobold ninja claimed to be unfit for such tasks.


They say that those who understood their limits would make good generals. But still, it was true that I lacked generals who were of the Hero class.


Jeanne was a Saint. She had nothing to do with intelligence and assassinations.

I saw no reason to make her their commander.


Hijikata could be an assassin, but he was a warrior at heart. It would not be putting him to the best use.


What about Eve?


I thought for a moment. She was cold and calculating. But ultimately, she did not seem fit for such rough work. 


This was quite a problem. I told Hanzo that it was no simple matter, the acquiring of Hero class personnel. He then smiled knowingly.


“And that is why I wished to speak with you. Why not explore the dungeon to the south?”




“There is a dungeon south of here that is called the ‘Ruin of Ashgold.’”


“Hmm. I have never heard of it before.


I asked Eve if she knew of it, but she shook her head.

So there were things that the walking database did not know.

It was clear that summoning Hanzo and creating the intelligence team had been a good idea.


That was good and all. Now the problem was what was so important about this dungeon?


Hanzo must have read this on my expression, as he immediately explained it to me.


“This Ashgold Ruin is the remains of an ancient magic civilization.”


“A magic civilization, eh? Perhaps there will be treasures.”


“It has already been searched through by Adventurers. I doubt you will find anything that was left behind.”


“That is unfortunate. So, what worth does this place have then?”


“A certain Sorcerer keeps a workshop in the ruins. And this Sorcerer is researching other worlds. There is a possibility of there being drifted relics.”


“I see.”


“It is also quite possible that the relics are related to ninjas.”


“In other words, you think I could summon a Hero to be your captain?”


Hanzo nodded.


“Well, I don’t see how we can ignore this story now. I have no Demon King enemies at the moment, so it would be the right time to act.”


Without a moment’s delay, Eve raised her hand.


“Master! Please allow me to go with you!”


I allowed it, as she looked quite pretty while stretching out her arm.

Dungeon exploration was dangerous, but it should be fine as long as she stayed close to me.

She sighed in relief when I told her she could come.


“As for who should stay… I think that I’ll put Gottlieb in charge.”


The reticent and capable chief of the dwarves. He had been the lead planner of the city and was a brilliant administrator.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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