Jack of all Trades – 190

One Spear


“So, Shiki. I want to try these two spears out. Is there any space here?”

“Yes, there is a room in the back. Let’s go then.”


Shiki was so distracted by the weapons that I had to explain them to him first, and then I told him that I wanted to test to see which spear felt the most comfortable to me.

He had become wildly excited when I told him about the materials used, but that’s a story for another time.


And so we came out to the backyard. It was surrounded by a wall and there were several logs covered in monster skin that were protruding from the ground. They had traces of stabs and cuts in them, so they were probably for testing the weapons.


“Well, you can do what you want here. I’m going to look at this a little more.


Shiki said as he stared at the Shwartz Tempest. He really just moved at his own pace, I thought as I picked up the Blue Frost spear up first. It was made of mithril. 

It really did not feel bad in my hands. It was quite light and about as long as I was tall. The spearhead was about the length of my head and was very narrow, which should make it easy to pull out. On the other hand, that also meant the damage was minimal. There wasn’t much in terms of decorations. It was simple. However, not plain. There were engravings in certain parts that gave it an elegant beauty. 

It was cold like ice. Clear as water. The mystical appeal of mithril emanated from it.


“It’s a nice spear…”


You wouldn’t get bored looking at it.


And so I activated Jack of all Trades, Master of None. The screen showed up in my brain and gave me examples of how to use it. First, it was the basics. I learned from it and tried swinging the spear. It cut through the air with a buzz.


“Hmm. You handle it quite well.”


Shiki said as he looked up from the greatsword with a nod. Well, I had a little help. Jack of all Trades, Master of None allowed me to understand how to move my body. Obviously, it was limited, but I was used to it by now.

I glanced at Shiki before moving towards the log. I wanted to practice hitting a target.


First, the thrust. An easy job of just thrusting the spear after pulling back. The shock to my arm every time I hit the log began to make my arms feel numb.

Then I started doing it faster. Thrust after thrust. 


“Is he really a beginner?”

“Asagi can use pretty much any weapon.”


I could hear Shiki and Daniela talking behind me. I was at a decent level if we’re talking basics. And the basics were important, so it was good enough for me.


Next, I tried a different move. A hit rather than a thrust. I did this on both sides of the log. I hit it on the left, then twirled the spear over my head while changing hands and then smacking it on the right. Then I reversed the process and hit it on the left again.

Hmm. I think this was good. Probably.



“Yes, your movements are good.”


My critics were having a positive response so far. I was starting to feel a lot more confident about my choice to use a spear.




I had a general grasp of the basic movements and of the distance to my target and how to approach it.

Now it was time to get serious. The real reason I chose these spears. I wanted to see the true worth of the magic ore.


I gripped it tightly and put a color to the magic that flowed within me. It was azure. This deep blue was the color of water. I could feel the temperature drop through the palms of my hands. After a while, I could hear cracking as an ice blade formed around it. Unlike the simple blade underneath, this was big and barbed. It would freeze any who touched it and stay lodged when stabbed. Or so Jack of all Trades, Master of None informed me.

There was a final hiss and the transformation was complete. It really was a dramatic change. The clear blade was now white and the shape of the blade was completely different. All of the carvings were encased in ice. 


I suddenly remembered that Eve had used two different kinds of magic at once. This spear had multiple attributes. Maybe I could do something interesting with it…but was immediately told by Master Jack of all Trades… that I could not. Too bad.


“Well done…”

“Yes, it is a good spear.”


I said with an approving nod, in spite of knowing next to nothing about spears. In any case, hitting the log while the spear was in this state seemed like a bad idea, and so I dispersed the magic right there. To be precise, the log would freeze and shatter. Either that or the ice magic within the spear would cause it to explode. In any case, it would not end well for the log.


“It is, isn’t it?”


Shiki said. I nodded. I had not actually been expecting much. The boost to ice magic must be a big factor.

I was starting to think that this Blue Frost spear was my best bet. However, I still had the other spear to check. And so I picked up the Cocytus Lance.


“I’m going to try this one now.”

“Aye, do what you like.”


And so I would. Unlike the Blue Frost, the Cocytus Lance seemed much more aggressive. The blade was barbed from the beginning and on the large side. The head started at my chest and went a little bit above my head. A blade like this could slash through things as well.

The entire thing was also longer than I was tall. Since I was just shy of 180 centimeters(I liked to think so), it must be nearly 2 meters long.

The decorations on it were also very different. At the root of the blade were two holes with rings attached to long blue ribbons. They danced beautifully in the wind.

The cap at the other end was polished and had clear ore set into it. It wasn’t exactly a deadly addition, but hard enough to be painful.

All of this meant that it was also heavier, which meant it handled much differently. Even if it was the same type of weapon, its reach, and the overall feel was quite a different thing.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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