Tensei Kenja – 54

We Made a Fortune


“Alright, now we can move onto the quest. Leaving this mysterious dragon aside, we need to collect the reward for the Earth Dragon.”


Tina declared once we were finished speaking to the manager.


“I hope it’s a lot!”


“There is a reward for the bandits as well.”


So saying, we moved towards the guild counter.

As they were more accustomed to it, Tina and Lisa went to negotiate.

I didn’t know anything about the usual rates.


“Riel. I’m here to report the completion of a quest.”


Tina chose the counter furthest to the left.

Judging by the fact that she knew her name, the girl was probably an acquaintance.


“Understood. The Earth Dragon, I see. Hmm, but Mister Rodis is not with you…”


“Rodis was with the bandits, so we killed him.”


Riel heard these words and her eyes widened in surprise.

Then her eyes moved down to the crystal ball on the counter.


It was probably a lie detector.

Considering the way that it was used, it didn’t seem like it was that useful…even for determining the completion of a quest.


Still, the crystal ball did not glow. Riel looked at us apologetically.


“I heard bad rumors about him, but a bandit… It is the guild’s fault that he was not discovered. I am truly sorry and glad that you are safe…”


“We’re only safe because of Yuji. And I don’t blame the guild for being fooled. After all, this was Gelios and his bandits.”




Riel’s expression was now even more shocked than before.

Apparently, Gelios was a bandit whose name meant a lot.


“Ge-Gelios…I can hardly believe that you’ve come back alive…”


“We didn’t just come back alive, but we killed Gelios. …Well, Yuji did everything.”




Riel looked down at the crystal ball again.

It still wasn’t glowing.


“The other bandits we killed were Eiji and Jilion and…”


Tina said the names of the bandits.

So she had known all of them…


I didn’t know if it was because her memory was that good or they were that famous… Perhaps it was both.

Riel listened to her and then said,


“They’re all famous bandits… I suppose that’s to be expected of Gelios… With all of them combined, the reward will be 4,000,000 cicols!”


4 million.

I was sure that Gelios was 2.5 million, so that meant the others were 1.5 million.

It showed you just how big Gelios was.


“4,000,000… That might be more than the actual quest we were on…”


“Well, the original quest should pay a lot too.”


Riel heard Tina’s words and looked puzzled.

Then she asked us,


“What? You three went on the Earth Dragon Investigation quest, didn’t you?”


“Yes, that was the original request. But we killed it.”


“Killed it? Killed what? …Surely you don’t mean the Earth Dragon…”


“I do. Of course, it was Yuji that did it.”


Riel looked very confused at this.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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