Tensei Kenja – 137

Bad Footing


‘Proud Wolf. Can you avoid it?’


‘I’ll try!’


The Proud Wolf said as it picked up speed.



‘It’s following us!’


‘It knows where we are!’


Apparently, we were being followed.

When I looked with Shared Senses, I saw that there indeed was a strong-looking monster that was chasing us.

It appeared to be…a monster tiger.


‘It’s really fast…’


The Proud Wolf was dashing down the cliff’s edge as if it were flat ground, and yet the monster was keeping up with us.

Not only that, but it seemed like the distance was shrinking.


This monster…was clearly incredibly powerful.

Perhaps it was a high-ranking monster.


‘Can I use the other armor!?’


The Proud Wolf was currently using the old armor that was made with the gemstone from the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon.

His speed would go up if I changed it… But going down the cliff at that speed seemed dangerous as well…


Thankfully, my HP and MP were completely full.

So in the worst case scenario, I could still use Hellfire of Death to blow it away.


‘I’m going to fight it instead of running away. Find a good place to stop!’




The Proud Wolf immediately understood what I was going to do.

And then he found a section that was less steep, and he stopped there.


‘Now, Mister Yuji. Get that thing!’


‘You can do it, Yuji!’


I got off of the Proud Wolf, and he immediately hid behind a tree and cheered me on.

The slimes were also in the mood to be my cheerleaders.

Well, in this situation, I really was the only one who could fight.


‘I need you to be a gun battery.’


I said as I put the new armor on the slime who was riding my shoulder.

After a few seconds…I could hear the deafening sounds of cracking and things falling over.

Apparently, the tiger monster was tearing down trees as it charged towards us.




It roared. And then the monster came into full view.

—It was fast.

I was sure that it would be able to dodge ‘Fireball’ with ease.


In that case, what I should use was—magic that couldn’t be dodged.


‘Magic Transfer — Area Freeze: Medium!’


I activated the magic as I targeted its feet.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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