Tensei Kenja – 137


As this magic activated instantly, it would be impossible to dodge.

While it was not able to kill the Maneater Bass in one hit, this time, I was targeting the legs, which were usually easier to freeze.


Monsters generally did not have ranged attacks..

So they would not pose as much of a threat once you bound their legs.




The legs froze and the tiger monster looked confused as it fell.

The ground around it also froze over a very wide space.

…So the new armor had raised the area of effect as well.


As I thought about this, I moved forward to deal the finishing blow.


‘Magic Transfer — Fireball.’


The enhanced Fireball crashed into the immobile tiger monster.

This Fireball was strong enough to blow up monsters, like the bear we had seen on the road.




The tiger monster roared in pain.

But…it was still very much alive.


“…It’s really tough.”


However, I doubted it was so tough that I needed to use Hellfire of Death.

Unlike the blue dragon or the lesser fire dragons, Fireball was actually working on it.


‘Magic Transfer — Fireball.’


‘Magic Transfer — Fireball.’


I shot out 2 more Fireballs.

And with that, the monster finally stopped moving.

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  1. Yuji should really start to use more clean attack, not just burn or blow up monsters, those materials might be nice.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you, and happy holidays!

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