Tensei Kenja – 45

I Tried A Counterattack


Several minutes passed since we escaped the campsite.

Rodis had stopped in front of a small cottage that had been built as if for a hiding place.

…It looked exactly like what you would expect a bandit hideout to look like.


Rodis then knocked on the door.


“It’s me, Rodis. I’ve acquired some prey.”


After a moment, the door opened and Rodis went inside.

As the scout slimes were a short distance away, they could not see inside of the cottage.


‘Can you get a little closer while being careful not to get caught?’




‘They’ll see me if I get closer, so I’m going to hide!’


I gave the order to the slimes to go closer.

This gave me a much better idea of what was happening.


“What did you bring?”


“Two women and one man. The man looks really puny and won’t be worth much… But he is a B-Rank Scout, so maybe he has a lot of money on him. It’s an Earth Dragon investigation quest, so no one will pry into it if I say they were killed on the way.”


“And their equipment?”


“About E-Rank stuff. They should fetch a decent price.”


Apparently, they were planning on selling us and all of our stuff.

Well, it was settled then. This was a bandit hideout and Rodis was one of them.

So that meant…well, I should probably ask the veteran Adventurers what that meant.


“Tina. Rodis just joined up with his bandit friends.”


“Yuji. Your detection abilities go that far?”


“Yeah. Actually, I had my tamed slimes do the scouting. It was also them that noticed that Rodis had run away.”


I said as I pointed to the slime on my shoulder.

I felt that I could trust Tina and Lisa, and so I could at least tell them that much.


“I never heard of a Tamer doing such a thing! I knew your detection abilities were abnormal, but isn’t this is crazy!?”


“I never heard of it either.”


“I don’t know what to say, but I just can. …So, what should we do?”


“Uh… So you can tell where their location is too?”


“Yeah. Should I catch them?”


I said this as I used the slimes’ magic detection ability to scan the positions of the bandits.

There were four of them including Rodis.

They had their own weapons, but capturing and defeating them seemed like it would be easy enough with Magic Transfer.


“It would be better to kill them rather than catch them… How many are there?”


“Four including Rodis.”


“In that case, we won’t be able to kill them. There are only three of us, and Rodis is not someone I want to fight with such a disadvantage.”


Ah. She was thinking that we would all go and do it ourselves.

Well, that wasn’t quite necessary.


“We don’t have to go ourselves. I’m pretty sure I could just do it with the slimes.”


“…You can do such a thing? Slimes? Actual slimes?”


“Yeah. Even slimes can fight if you use your head. …Should I give it a try? If it seems like it won’t work, I’ll have the slimes retreat and we can make a run for it.”


Tina heard this and thought for a moment.


“If you can do it, it would be our best option without a doubt.”


As I now had the approval of the party leader, I gave the order to the slimes.

Rodis was quite strong, so I’d have to move carefully.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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